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Thought leadership and case studies covering data enhancement, database development and maintenance, modeling and analytics, and loyalty marketing strategies. And for a well-rounded perspective on data, stay up-to-date on privacy issues that include data stewardship, opt-in/opt-out practices, customer preference centers, do-not-call and do-not-mail regulations and Direct Marketing Association guidelines.


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Why Sales and Marketing Collaboration is Important in Lead Generation

Leads December 19, 2014

Both sales and marketing teams know that they play an equally important part in achieving a common goal. Yet each department can fall into the...

Denny's Zinger: History Repeats Itself

Sony Hacked! December 17, 2014

When I launched this column in 2005, I also started an archive of news stories. Every day I add zero-to-20 items, indexed and cross-indexed. I...

Data Athletes in Modern Organizations

Mike Ferranti December 16, 2014

Let's look at the ideas, insights and strategies for becoming what I have termed a "Data Athlete." This term has evolved during the many years...

Just Say No!

Just Say No. December 16, 2014

There is a great deal of information out there on how advertising and direct agencies can generate more new business. We're not going to talk...

All Aboard the Hype Train: 3 Big Data Myths Debunked

Busted December 15, 2014

If there's one thing marketers have an abundance of, it's buzzwords and trends. One of the biggest right now? The appropriately titled "Big Data."...

Clear the Marketing Clutter: Data-Driven Segmentation for Accurate Target Marketing

Data December 10, 2014

The digital marketplace has become the most prominent marketing medium. This is due to the fact that digital marketing is the most inexpensive and measurable...

‘Programmatic’ Goes the World - Media Buying Is Audience Buying

Chet Dalzell December 8, 2014

Direct marketers have long had a love affair with data-driven media buying. In the world of direct mail, for example, list rentals and exchanges are...

Smart Data - Not Big Data

Stephen H. Yu December 4, 2014

As a concerned data professional, I am already plotting an exit strategy from this Big Data hype. Because like any bubble, it will surely burst....

Data Driven : 4 Key Elements Needed to Understand How Data Metrics Create Value

Transactional KPIs to inform a business on how different marketing channels contributed to overhead/profit December 2014

For many marketers reading this column, data is fun! We love the challenge of figuring out how to find and use data to solve problems...

Nuts & Bolts - Case Study : Portland Blazes Ticket Sale Trail

Basketball tickets December 2014

The Portland Trail Blazers needed to change their Web marketing game. During 2012-2013—the same season the NBA team had a 33-49 record—the franchise had no...