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Thought leadership and case studies covering data enhancement, database development and maintenance, modeling and analytics, and loyalty marketing strategies. And for a well-rounded perspective on data, stay up-to-date on privacy issues that include data stewardship, opt-in/opt-out practices, customer preference centers, do-not-call and do-not-mail regulations and Direct Marketing Association guidelines.


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Macy’s CEO on Twentysomethings, Amazon, the Future of Malls and Rising Health Care Costs

Macy's logo April 16, 2014

"You can talk about Millennials and the changing character and diversity of the population in the same breath, because as the Millennial population is the...

Are Autoresponders Killing Email Marketing?

Gary Hennerberg April 16, 2014

Two events in the same week have triggered an email unsubscribe flurry on my behalf. First, a change in my spam provider is permitting more...

Heartbleed Proves the Password Is Dead. This Is What You Need Now

Heartbleed April 15, 2014

The Heartbleed bug has made plain what everyone in cybersecurity already knew, whether they admit it or not: Passwords are dying. All of them. Got...

US Airways' Pornographic Brand Tweet

US Airways logo April 15, 2014

There has always been the suspicion that most companies' Twitter accounts are run by boys with toys, but no sense. This suspicion might be heightened...

Beyond Data: Why 'Grit' May Matter More

University of Connecticut Logo April 14, 2014

This past month, I was reminded how vital it is to have grit to achieve success, that is "true grit." The sports world gave us...

Turn Data Into Email Engagement

Email at sign gear April 14, 2014

As mobile continues taking over consumers' screen time, marketers are forced to adjust how they send marketing email. Constant connection, lack of attention and increasing...

IBM to Acquire Silverpop to Help Marketers Deliver Personalized Customer Engagements

IBM Logo April 11, 2014

IBM announced a definitive agreement to acquire Silverpop, a privately held software company based in Atlanta. Silverpop empowers marketers with cloud-based capabilities that deliver personalized...

I Am the Judge of You

Carolyn Goodman April 11, 2014

Pointing the finger has never been so easy ... and so anonymous. I suppose it's human nature to feel (and act on) the need to...

200 Million Social Security Numbers Exposed: States Study Experian Breach

Jane Doe Social Security April 10, 2014

Iowa and North Carolina said they are looking into a breach involving a subsidiary of Experian that exposed some 200 million social security numbers, in...

Heartbleed: Millions of Passwords Exposed

Data Breach April 9, 2014

An alarming lapse in Internet security has exposed millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive bits of information to potential theft by computer...