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5 Tips to Sell Media Multitaskers

Gary Hennerberg October 29, 2014

How many gadgets do you juggle simultaneously? Assuming you're like most people, you're on your laptop/tablet, smartphone and other media devices checking email, texts and...

A Choleric Copywriter's Strange Screed

Copywriter Screed October 28, 2014

A copywriter I have known for years offered me a free subscription to his daily Direct Response Letter. I won't mention his name, but here...

Epsilon Rebrands, Becomes a 1-Stop Shop as Others Do the Same

Epsilon rebrand logo October 23, 2014

One-stop shop. Marketing agencies and vendors are moving quickly to ensure marketers never have to leave their doors to find specialties of any type. The...

4 Challenges to Understanding Customer Feedback – And How to Solve Them

Feedback October 16, 2014

Every day, marketers are on the prowl for customer feedback from a variety of sources—social media, call centers, surveys and so on. But it's not...

5 Copy Approaches to Influence Gut Reaction

Gary Hennerberg October 15, 2014

Call it a gut reaction, but oftentimes our prospects and customers make decisions and respond based on intuition, a hunch, or professional judgment. In direct...

Experience the Future: Customer Experience Importance on the Rise

Customer Experience: Now & Then October 13, 2014

Did you celebrate Customer Experience Day this past Tuesday? Maybe you just hadn't heard about the unofficial holiday, but if you're not familiar with the...

Content (Is) King: Robert Rose on Content Marketing

Robert Rose October 13, 2014

Of course you've heard the phrase "Content is King" being tossed around lately. Maybe it's all still a little nebulous to you, and maybe you...

Denny's Zinger: YO! GOTCHA! Ads, Ads, Ads—In Unexpected Places

Ads Everywhere: Urinals October 10, 2014

Ads are ubiquitous. You see them on the sides of SUVs, on kids' report cards, and on airport baggage carousels. Broke cities sell ads on...

The Next Generation: Connecting Marketing Spend to Results

Business Man or Marketer October 10, 2014

It takes more than a single ad impression or site visit for a customer to finally make a purchase. As a result, marketers must ensure...

Do You Live Up to Your Brand?

Carolyn Goodman October 10, 2014

As California suffers from one of the worst droughts in recent history, it was recently reported that the chairman of the board of the Metropolitan...