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Lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing and lead conversion, as well as other issues of importance to business-to-business marketers.


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Hottest 2014 Marketing Tip for Small Business? Put Aside a Budget!

Carolyn Goodman October 24, 2014

Over 50 percent of the working population (120 million) work in a small business, and that trend is growing. According to the SBA definition,...

Why You Aren't Getting Appointments on LinkedIn

Jeff Molander October 17, 2014

Ninety-five percent of sales reps using LinkedIn are getting few—if any—appointments. They're using premium services, Sales Navigator, sending InMail, joining groups, spiffing up their...

6 Great Blogs for B-to-B Marketers

Ruth P. Stevens October 15, 2014

In our fast-changing marketing world, a smart B-to-B practitioner keeps up to date by learning from thought leaders. While this used to mean reading business...

Do You Live Up to Your Brand?

Carolyn Goodman October 10, 2014

As California suffers from one of the worst droughts in recent history, it was recently reported that the chairman of the board of the Metropolitan...

Client Maturity

Cyndie Shaffstall October 6, 2014

As an agency, or even a marketing department, you must work with clients of every possible ilk. Oh sure, your client might be your company's...

How to Avoid Being Banned by LinkedIn When Connecting

Jeff Molander October 3, 2014

"Your LinkedIn account temporarily restricted." It's a common message for sellers these days. It's easy to be restricted or even banned by LinkedIn—simply for requesting...

B-to-B Insights : Return to Sender

Thumbs Down on Social Media October 2014

In my humble opinion, "mindless gab" is the perfect descriptor for social media, an activity of which I am largely not a fan, though a...

Tangled Web of B-to-B Marketing

B-to-B Branding September 29, 2014

Web marketing has come a long way since the early days of the Internet, but many businesses are still figuring out how to adapt to...

One Size DOES NOT Fit All in B-to-B Marketing

Carolyn Goodman September 26, 2014

Here's a painful truth: B-to-B lead generation takes a lot of hard work BEFORE you execute any marketing or sales program. Work smarter, not harder,...

Fresh Insights in Selling to SMBs

Ruth P. Stevens September 25, 2014

Despite the attention given to large enterprise marketing, it's small and medium businesses (SMB) where the bulk of marketing investments go. SMB is where there's...