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Lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing and lead conversion, as well as other issues of importance to business-to-business marketers.


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B-to-B Insights : 8 Ways to Write Effective B-to-B Headlines

Unilux Ad August 2014

I recently came across an article in a marketing trade publication (not this one) praising some top B-to-B ad agencies for supposedly creating great print...

On LinkedIn, Who's the Boss of You?

Carolyn Goodman August 1, 2014

I approached my employees and asked them how they'd feel if I asked them to revise their profiles and use "brand language" that I provided....

4 B-to-B Tips From the 'Email Idea Book'

Matt Byrd, Email Marketing Manager, Litmus July 30, 2014

Although it's business-to-business, behind that email address you're still reaching out to a singular person with thoughts and feelings. It's getting a bit cliche to...

LinkedIn Prospecting: What Should You Post on LinkedIn and When?

Jeff Molander July 11, 2014

What should you post on LinkedIn and when should you post it? These are common questions for B-to-B marketers and sales reps. Yet, I don't...

B-to-B Marketing Is Falling Down on the Job

Ruth P. Stevens July 9, 2014

I heard a horror story the other day—a consumer packaged goods executive ranting about a meeting with a vendor. "I gave the guy an appointment,...

I Am Fascinating - Even My Hotel Thinks So

Carolyn Goodman July 3, 2014

You know that age-old scenario with the man stuck in the labyrinth, who can't find his way out? Well, there's an online version of that—it's...

5 Steps to Customer Data Hygiene: It's Not Sexy, But It's Essential

Ruth P. Stevens June 13, 2014

Are you happy with the quality of the information in your marketing database? Probably not. A new report from NetProspex confirms: 64 percent of company...

The B-to-B Funnel Is Now a Sieve

Sales Funnel, No Attribution June 10, 2014

The buying process has gotten messy for B-to-B marketers. This easy access to information means that engagement one second can turn into disinterest the next....

3 Ways to Engage B-to-B Customers on a Long SAAS Sales Cycle

B-to-B photo June 9, 2014

So, you have a great product and your customers love you, but the renew date is yearly. Knowing how to share and engage with your...

5 Steps to Crowdsource Video for B-to-B

Video June 2, 2014

By now, most savvy B-to-B marketers are aware of the advantages of featuring video on their websites and in their social media campaigns. The question...