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Lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing and lead conversion, as well as other issues of importance to business-to-business marketers.


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Marketing Technology Liberates and Enables

Tableau technology May 2015

Marketing technology has exploded in the past three years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, as many as 1,876 tech companies are battling it out for...

Riddle Me This : How Much Lead Generation/Nurturing Tech Do You Actually Need?

Debbie_Headshot May 2015

Procuring the best, relevant technology continues to be an important task for marketers keen on staying ahead of their competition. To find out what some...

Drive Leads on Facebook by Getting Customers to Gab

Amanda Kinsella April 17, 2015

What can a regional supplier of HVAC products and services teach you about Facebook? Plenty. I've already explained how Steelmaster Buildings gets leads on its...

B-to-B Email Marketers: Ask 3 Common-Sense Questions Before Pushing ‘Send’

the Radicati Group chart April 13, 2015

Sometimes the minutiae can obscure the big picture. This touchpoint led to that clickthrough. That's great. But what if response falls off a cliff? What...

6 More Thorny Data Problems That Vex B-to-B Marketers, and How to Solve Them

Ruth P. Stevens March 20, 2015

B-to-B data continues to challenge marketers, who need to identify and communicate with customers and prospects, but who run into thorny issues every day. Problems...

Carrying Your Weight: Marketers Talk Big Questions at B-to-B Roundtable

Many questions March 19, 2015

"I really appreciate that you came out to talk about B-to-B marketing a little bit," said Thorin McGee, editor-in-chief of Target Marketing . "Most of...

3 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Sales Professionals You Haven't Heard Before

Jeff Molander March 6, 2015

The Web can be an unreliable place to get sales tips. Most advice we "Google" doesn't work. LinkedIn profile tips are no exception. Most advice...

Ready for Your Close-Up?

Video March 2015

During the first 20 years of the Web, content presentation was focused on text and graphics. Today, however, video is the fastest-growing content segment of...

Cover Story : Media Usage Survey 2015

Directions and signs March 2015

Direct marketing media budgets increased markedly last year, and they show no signs of backsliding in 2015, according to Target Marketing's "2015 Media Usage Survey."...

Mentoring: Give a Little, Get a Lot

Carolyn Goodman February 27, 2015

Last summer, I heard that my alma mater was launching a mentoring program between graduates and enrolled Seniors. Even though I no longer reside in...