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Behavioral Segmentation for Hyper-Targeted Mobile Engagement

Mobile users are impatient and seek immediate fulfillment. If you fail to capture their attention with highly personalized and impeccably timed communication, the “mobile moment” will be lost forever and with it, the potential of building a loyal customer base. Behavioral segmentation helps you avoid that common pitfall, making your brand the brand of choice.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Like You're Olivia Pope

“Everyone has secrets … and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation's elite by keeping those secrets under wraps.” How do the elite of Washington find her? They just know. They’ve learned by word of mouth that Ms. Pope is the one person who stands between them, and the doom of their own making.

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Customer Retention

6 Tools to Keep Your Customer From Breaking Up With You

There are so many reasons why your customer wants to break it off. It’s not them, its you. You didn’t have their size, the website wasn’t loading fast enough, there was no obvious pricing page… the reasons for heartbreak are numerous. The following tools are built with churn in mind, so you never have to feel that heartbreak again.

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Online Marketing

8 Tools for Beginner Podcasters

Podcasts are downloaded audio files intended for listening on the move. Your subscribers get a podcast pushed to them when new content is produced. The content can be anything you can record as an audio file – discuss your industry, your products, customer uses cases … anything to market your business. The following tools make podcasting a little more simple for the novice.

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Digital Printing

Marketing Innovators - Fall 2016

Welcome to the launch issue of “Marketing Innovators,” where we are starting conversations around engagement marketing. The time could not be better to reinvest and leverage engagement marketing that uses direct mail as a key piece of any marketing mix. Download to read about the state of engagement marketing, how to think differently, and how one printer broke through the digital wall.

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Energize Your Offer … and Fire Up Response

If you want to improve results for your promotions, your offer is one of the first places you should look to make changes. Offers are central to direct marketing. When you make an offer, you’re saying, “When you pay us, here’s what you get in exchange.” Take a look at your campaign to figure the best elements that can create the perfect offer.

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7 Ways to Win at Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are an extremely powerful marketing tool — if they are used correctly. Back when I worked with Edgars, it was my job to come up with a fresh sweepstakes each time the store mailed. But there were a few challenges. There’s also a hidden benefit of sweepstakes that make them very appealing — especially in this economy.

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Direct Mail

30 Ways to Amp Up a Renewal Series

Renewal series add regular cash to your coffers and build loyal, long-term relationships — they are easy money, since it costs less to renew a subscriber than acquire one. Here are 30 established ways to turn your series into an efficient revenue generator.

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