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Direct Mail

Cross-Channel Case History: The Planner Pad ® Organizer

Originally designed and marketed in the early 1970's, the Planner Pad® organizer with its unique proprietary funnel-down approach for organizing time and tasks has been sold by direct mail since inception. The project was to create a prospecting direct mail package to beat the 10-year old control. The primary goal was to significantly increase response to grow the company's base of new customers. A secondary goal was to create a more contemporary looking mail piece with broader age appeal.

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An Intercepted Letter to Google

There's no doubt when it comes to doing online research, you're fast, accurate and very professional. But the direct mail you've been sending me the last year misses the mark. It's embarrassingly unprofessional and appears you don't know what you're doing. I'm guessing it's also ineffective. Google, if you're going to do direct mail, you need to understand what makes it tick.

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Customer Acquisition

Donor Acquisition Case Study: Using Involvement Devices and Premiums to Win Over Donors

Nothing speaks to a prospective donor or customer like an involvement device. Most people seem to find surveys, quizzes and free gift choices advertised both online and in direct mail irresistible. Involvement devices work because they make consumers and constituents feel important, as if their choices or opinions matter and will make an impact on the company or organization they're responding to.

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Financial Services

Banking on Trust

How Citi and Bank of America break through the noise and find a connection with current and future customers. Citi and Bank of America are two huge names in the financial services industry, and there is much to learn from what they've done, from credit card mailings to customer retention practices.

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