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Fascinate Your Readers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the current rage — grabbing the attention of spiders and crawlers in the hopes that the message will surface all over the Internet. Yet it's flesh-and-blood people that want information, spend money on goodies and give to charity — not emotionless, pre-programmed electronic robots.

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Direct Mail

Take It From This Copywriter — You Need a Lift!

"Read this only if you have decided NOT to take advantage of this incredible offer!" You've probably seen this line, or one just like it, a thousand times before, on the cover of a small, folded slip of paper that's an inevitable part of your junk mail. Except this little piece of paper definitely isn't junk. It works. It lifts response.

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Customer Acquisition

Lead Generation Case Study: Customized Mailings to Drive Registrations

At first, the mailings from the CollaborativeCARE Conference (C3) weren't going to include a registration form for the Nov. 15 to Nov. 20 event in Long Beach, Calif. The Weston, Mass.-based regional conference organizer was going to require physicians to register online. But, going into the marketing campaign for their inaugural event, organizers thought better of it, says C3 Chief Marketing Officer Fred Criniti

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Direct Mail

Minor Direct Mail Elements That Make a Major Impact

The biggest psychological revolution in the past 30 years is the emergence of cognitive science: the study of the brain. And among cognitive science’s biggest discoveries is that about 95 percent of our mental processes are unconscious. So how does this apply to direct mail? Cognitive science and other psychological research tell us that the physical, nonverbal elements in a direct mail package work because they exploit ways in which the brain processes information.

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Marketing and Sales

Dashboards for When Marketing Storytelling Needs to Soar

At their core, marketers are storytellers. You’re not selling the pen, you’re getting the customer to buy into the story of why they need a pen. Here are six tools to make sure your marketing dashboard is telling you everything you need to know! What doesn’t always work in those stories are numbers. Here's how to make them part of your story.

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Marketing Automation

6 Deal Registration Tools to Automate Success

Deal registration isn’t a relic of the Industrial Age where the reseller of tractors had “field service” and actually meant a field. In our age where the value-added reseller is marketing technology with a global reach, keeping your partners happy can also mean protecting your brand. The following tools allow you to automate deal registration with added benefits of distributing marketing collateral, automating contracts and even helping to recruit new partners.

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E-mail Marketing

12 Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Our free guide covers the most common email marketing mistakes and what to do to ensure you get more emails delivered and opened. Content marketing doesn't end with writing blog posts and publishing downloads, it involves pro-actively messaging your database. Follow this guide and you will improve the returns on your inbound investments.

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Content Marketing

Content: A Tale As Old As Time

In this e-book, you'll learn the ancient ways of storytelling—methods that will make your content lovable and as widely read as Shakespeare—and a proven, 5-step process that has been used for centuries to hold the reader to the end of a story. Plus more takeaways.

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