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White Papers

Marketing Innovators - Fall 2016

Welcome to the launch issue of “Marketing Innovators,” where we are starting conversations around engagement marketing. The time could not be better to reinvest and leverage engagement marketing that uses direct mail as a key piece of any marketing mix. Download to read about the state of engagement marketing, how to think differently, and how one printer broke through the digital wall.

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The Strategic Use of Questions in Direct Mail Packages

Questions are not only a powerful conversational tool, but also an essential part of any direct marketing program. Whenever people get your direct mail package, or an email from you, chances are they are going to have some questions. Why would they have questions?

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5 Tips to Generate Sales Fast

With the economy far from full recovery, it’s a challenging time to generate sales. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to bring in revenue, the best place to start is by contacting your best customers. Here are a few ideas and approaches.

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Handle With Care - Personalization Power

While personalization — the utilization of a person’s name or relevant information, including images, on a communication — is supposed to "capture the attention of the reader and hold that attention long enough to get the message delivered,” when poorly handled, personalization can be a big turn off.

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Tips and Tools

7 Rules to Testing in a Down Economy

“You can’t spend money if you’re not making money.” To certain executives, this actually makes sense. But others, the wise ones, know that the time to spend more marketing dollars is when sales are down. Create a plan for your testing that will lead to methodical improvements.

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