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Mobile User Experience: The Road to Maturity

Mobile: six letters that have heralded ambitious prospects for e-tailers. As new strategy terms appear, so do the challenges in e-commerce. Although mobile users are increasingly connected all day long through their phones, they still remain attached to tablets and computers, making their journeys a bit more complicated.

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Industry Sector Reports

The Marketing Technology Universe - Complete

There are approximately 5,000 marketing technology products and tools on the market. How do they all fit together? What will help you do what? We worked with CabinetM to put together this visualization of most of the technology you could potentially be using. This map is expanded from the one you may have seen printed in Target Marketing magazine, and it includes several sections, and several hundred technologies, that we couldn't fit in the print dimensions.

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Tips and Tools

The CabinetM Top Shelf: 6 Lead Scoring Tools

As you well know, not all leads are created equal. But, when you are overwhelmed with leads, how can you quickly tell the difference between an "A" lead and a dud? Luckily, there are lead-scoring tools that can help you sort out the tire-kickers from your hot prospects. Check it all out here.

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