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Best Practices

Lead Generation Case Study: Customized Mailings to Drive Registrations

At first, the mailings from the CollaborativeCARE Conference (C3) weren't going to include a registration form for the Nov. 15 to Nov. 20 event in Long Beach, Calif. The Weston, Mass.-based regional conference organizer was going to require physicians to register online. But, going into the marketing campaign for their inaugural event, organizers thought better of it, says C3 Chief Marketing Officer Fred Criniti

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Case Studies

Donor Acquisition Case Study: Using Involvement Devices and Premiums to Win Over Donors

Nothing speaks to a prospective donor or customer like an involvement device. Most people seem to find surveys, quizzes and free gift choices advertised both online and in direct mail irresistible. Involvement devices work because they make consumers and constituents feel important, as if their choices or opinions matter and will make an impact on the company or organization they're responding to.

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