Your Online Video as a Direct Marketing Asset

An online video is a marketing asset you can leverage time and time again. As we enter the fourth quarter, an important selling season for many direct marketers, we share today the product categories that are using online videos as marketing assets. You’ll also learn the types of videos your customers want to watch, and where they want to watch an online video.
As you’re about to see in today’s presentation, Internet users report that they have watched several categories of online video, ranging from automotive to electronics, even toys, food and wine, apparel, and much more.

Perhaps more revealing are the types of videos your customers would prefer to see you produce. Think creatively about applying these preferences in your video strategy, and you may just give some added oomph to the development of a video as your next marketing asset.

(If the video isn’t just above this line, click here to view it)

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  • Brian

    Good stuff Gary. But noticed you did not mention the importance of video for travel/tourism markets. Every consumer action you mentioned also holds true for the traveler. Business and leisure. And here’s a freebe! If you think a picture’s worth a thousand words – wait’ll you see the Movie!