12 Reasons to Fuse Direct Marketing and Video Marketing Now (Part 2)

Direct marketing formulas applied to video sell products, generate leads and raise money for non-profits. The leap to online video is exploding, and if you keep up with what’s hot today, you know it’s video. But too often, the video effort doesn’t bring in responders because of the lack of structure and call-to-actions that a disciplined direct marketer includes. That’s why, if you’re a direct marketer, video can be profitable for you because you’re not afraid to sell, you know how to test, and you track the analytics.

12 Reasons to Integrate DM and Online Video (Part 2 in a 2-Part Series)
In our last blog post, we outlined the first of six reasons to fuse direct marketing techniques with the reach of online video marketing. We continue today with the final six reasons on the list:

7. Video can go viral. But don’t count on it. Your chances of a video going viral are about like that of getting struck by lightening. A recent example of a successful new product launch for what we as direct marketers would consider a classic DM continuity program is the Dollar Shave Club. You’ve probably heard about it. Thousands of orders, small start-up cost, everything you admire if you’re a marketer. But consider this: a few years ago it was impossible to make money selling a $1 a month (plus S&H) continuity program. The marketing cost was too high. The Deep Dive: With effective online marketing, marketing costs are slashed and you can make money selling a commodity product via a continuity program using a low price point.

8. Use a short video on your website to convince someone to opt-in to the rest of the story in another, more in-depth video delivered immediately. You can set up an intriguing premise, reveal a little of the story, and importantly, you bring people into your sales funnel when you capture an email address. The Deep Dive: if selling your product doesn’t typically happen on impulse, and you must first build trust, you can tell your story over short, strategically sequenced video clips, delivered via email autoresponders over time.

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  • Perry A

    Hello, Joe–

    This is Perry Alexander, co-author of this blog. There are many important steps, strategies, and decisions that should be considered, well ahead of actual video production.

    Unique Selling Proposition? What’s your end-game? How will it be integrated with your print strategy? How will you promote it online? Will this be a series of promotions–more of a campaign? And many more.

    As a parallel to print advertising, video production might be compared to your printer. Video distribution (email lists, SEO, YouTube ads, etc.) is akin to your direct mail list provider and lettershop.

    Everything–including the video production–needs to be designed and work in concert to leverage your impact in your market. You may be equipped to figure all this out on your own, and just bring in certain resources you’re not comfortable with yourself. If not, however, find a turnkey resource that has demonstrated success in this end-to-end process, with whom you feel you can have a good relationship, so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Joe

    OK. sold. I am a small business owner with limited resources. How do I do this?

  • Mike

    This is a great guide. Thank you for including the video too.