Seth Godin

Telemarketers everywhere may be rejoicing. Or lamenting the loss of their free moment of publicity. On Feb. 29, the Kickstarter campaign for The Jolly Roger Telephone Co. failed, taking with it the solution promising a major time-waster for human telemarketers.

I ride Philly's commuter rail to work each morning. During a recent commute, I sat behind a tall, dark and handsome man in his 30s who was wearing a well-tailored brown wool suit. I noticed him inspecting objects pinched between his thumb, index and middle fingers, then pushing the inspected items into his mouth.

Many marketers struggle over blog content—and that's never more apparent than when you stare blankly at your screen, hoping for inspiration. According to WP Virtuoso, there are over 152 MILLION blogs on the Internet and a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half second. Of course that translates into a mishmash of quality content, so I'd like to suggest a blog amnesty program

So, you have a great product and your customers love you, but the renew date is yearly. Knowing how to share and engage with your current clients can be one of the most overlooked parts of the customer lifecycle process. Here are three ways to engage your current customer base, and leverage the opportunity to over deliver on value while collecting priceless information

"It depends." What a totally unsatisfying answer. Of course it depends. But there are rules of thumb. There is research. We can analyze what works and draw conclusions. We can create guidelines, especially for things that are measurable. Like length. Here are guidelines for length for 10 types of content. Most of these are compiled from studies that analyzed the high-performers. Now that you’ve got the data, let’s look at the research

The politics of the blogosphere are a lot like the politics of the White House: Hunt or be hunted. It's a ruthless world out there, teeming with movers and shakers, hand-wringers, whistleblowers, and intimidating rule breakers and followers, all posting top-notch content with countless followers hanging on their every word. How are you going to set yourself apart? A cutting-edge strategy? A tactful approach? A swift game changer? Read on to learn what Netflix's pulsating political drama, "House of Cards," can teach you about becoming the master of the chess game that is blogging.

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