Marty Weintraub

On many evenings, walking down the street in uptown Kingston, NY, you’ll feel the sidewalk vibrating to the beats of music emerging from the BSP Lounge, a popular venue for independent contemporary music. If you happen to stop in on an evening when the audience turnout is thinner than hoped, you’ll find BSP’s marketing chief, Mike Amari, sitting at the bar with his laptop, personally giving people “love taps” on Facebook. “I like having a post that’s kind of saying, ‘doors are open now,’ ” Amari explains, “especially for people who may already be out and are scrolling through their

If you’re new to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or are responsible for training new PPC staff, you can never have enough training resources. With that in mind, I’ve assembled a number of resources for PPC beginners—and for PPC pros. Here are 21 blogs, websites and books to learn and improve your PPC skills. Blogs: PPC professionals should have an arsenal of blogs that they read regularly. Blogs are ideal for continuing education, because the good ones are constantly updated. As with all the resources in this post, these are in no particular order. 1. PPC Hero. One of the most comprehensive

For those of you who were at this year's MozCon, this post is the punch line to my presentation. If you did not attend, here’s what happened: I spoke for about an hour about Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn targeting. I worked to explain that research using paid social ad creation tools (including FB Ads) matters to organic social (community management)—the same way that the AdWords keyword research tool matters to organic search (SEO).  After my talk, something like 800 people in the audience sort of looked up as if to say, “WTF is Marty talking about!?” Thankfully, Rand came out

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