Joe Swatek

As Discover enters the home loan market for the first time, they are taking a different approach to direct mail offers. What can we learn from the credit card giant’s strategy? Typical refinance loan offers focus on a rate as the primary incentive. Historically, this has been a sticky issue for financial marketers. Consumers don’t always know their current rate and can’t easily comprehend how much difference a lower rate might make

In October 2012, Chase Bank used a folding, four-panel self-mailer to promote its savings accounts using a $150 cash offer as the main hook. Let’s examine how the mail piece is put together so you can see how you might improve your own direct mail marketing. The folded, finished size is approximately 6-by-9 inches. Here’s what the complete mailer looked like. Outer cover panel: Big photo, big offer. Two points on the cover catch the reader’s eye: the cash amount and the photo

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