Jay Famico

Jay Gaines, SiriusDecisions’ group director for demand, has called sales accepted leads (SALs) the most important (but most overlooked) step in the demand creation process. So, what reasons do organizations commonly use to disqualify SALs from becoming sales qualified leads? To answer this question, I have listed the most common SAL disqualification reasons used in effective lead management processes. Please note that the number of reasons for disqualification should be limited, to ensure usability for sales. In addition, no values should be included that are not actionable for marketing to trigger

As we talked to marketing automation experts to prepare our recent white paper "52 Secrets to Marketing Automation Success," we saw an outpouring of fascinating predictions and analyses of the industry. Some discussions were simply too good not to share in full. Case in point, Jonathan Block and Jay Famico of SiriusDecisions prepared an extensive amount of research, all very enlightening about the future of the industry. When asked to provide their predictions on what will impact Marketing Automation in the next twelve months, Jonathan and Jay offered the following landscape evaluation

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