Jackie Huba

As they are gathering information to help in day-to-day brand decision-making, consumers want, crave, desire, seek and value content from marketers—as long as it is reasonably altruistic, informative and objective, and minimizes the "look of sponsorship" and the three most readily identifiable sales "Ps": push, pitch and puff. Estimates are that nine out of 10 organizations are now utilizing content in their marketing programs, devoting one-quarter or more of their marketing budgets to this component of communication.

In the quest to prove the worth of social media, particularly in a downturn, we still see a tendency to focus on the new. The latest platform or technology, the increase in community size, or preference for brand achieved. According to Jackie Huba, keynote at this week’s WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas, recent Forrester numbers do indeed show this. The top three objectives of CMOs in 2012 are new products, new customers and increased awareness. Yet, does this overlook one of the most important things for any company or brand? The happiness of its existing customers

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