Clark Fredricksen

Earlier this year, YouTube crossed the billion-user mark, and now it's poised to surpass the $5 billion mark. The Google-owned video service is expected to record $5.6 billion in gross revenue this year, according to estimates from eMarketer. That's up 51 percent from last year and would equate to 11 percent of Google's total ad revenues. That figure does not include money YouTube passes on to advertising partners and content creators. This year, Google will keep 35 percent of that total or $1.96 billion, according to eMarketer's estimate. Google generally takes a 45 percent cut

Ad spending on sponsored content is growing at a faster clip than originally thought, according to a new forecast from eMarketer. In June, eMarketer said advertisers would spend $1.88 billion on sponsored content this year, a 22.1 percent boost from 2012, and would get to $3.08 billion in spending on sponsored content by 2017. The new forecast predicts that marketers will spend $1.9 billion on sponsored content this year, a 24 percent hike from last year, and devote $3.2 billion to the tactic by 2017. The uptick reflects publishers' attempts to create more bespoke advertising products for brands, according to

Google, the world's largest Internet search company, is considering a major change in how online browsing activity is tracked, a move that could shake up the $120 billion digital advertising industry. Google, which accounts for about a third of worldwide online ad revenue, is developing an anonymous identifier for advertising, or AdID, that would replace third-party cookies as the way advertisers track people's Internet browsing activity for marketing purposes, according to a person familiar with the plan. The AdID would be transmitted to advertisers and ad networks that have agreed to basic guidelines, giving consumers more privacy and control over

There was certainly no shortage of big developments in the marketing world throughout 2012. Facebook created a massive mobile advertising business in less than year, Red Bull literally financed a trip into the stratosphere to create powerful branded content, and a YouTube video finally hit 1 billion views, showing the potential reach for online videos. So what might 2013 bring for marketers? We contacted several advertising experts and reviewed recent studies and business trends to come up with five marketing predictions for the coming year.

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