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Penton Launches 'SmartReach' Marketing Data to Enhance Audience File
April 1, 2014 From Home Page
Penton, a leading professional information services company, today formally announced that it has formed Penton SmartReach, a division focusing exclusively on the development, management and delivery of targeted data and subscriber information to help direct marketers identify, reach and activate more prospects and generate more effective leads. The database has 16 million business-to-business records, representing 7.8 million unique businesses.
Greg Grdodian Reach Marketing CEO
Greg Grdodian Named CEO at Reach Marketing
October 21, 2013 From Home Page
Reach Marketing LLC announced today that Greg Grdodian has been named its Chief Executive Officer. Greg brings 18 years of management experience, technical and creative...
The Enhanced Digital Edition of Target Marketing - September 2013
The Enhanced Digital Edition of Target Marketing - September 2013
September 25, 2013 From Home Page
Want a closer look at the mail pieces from the top direct mailers in America? You get that in the digital edition of our eighth annual Top 50 Mailers issue of Target Marketing. We've peppered the digital edition of our most anticipated cover story with additional art and industry spotlight articles that didn't fit in the print issue.
American Express Blue Card pocket envelope Top 10 2013
Spotlight on the Top 10 Mailers of 2013
September 1, 2013 From Home Page
With the help of Who's Mailing What! (WMW), we decided to take a closer look at the top 10 out of the Top 50 Mailers of 2013, which makes up Target Marketing's annual September cover story. In particular, one standout mailing campaign from each (although that's a challenge with catalogs, but we did our best!).
Direct Mail Technolog Special Report
Direct Mail Technolog Special Report
August 1, 2013 From Home Page
Direct Mail Technology Resources
July 15, 2013 From Home Page
Want to read more about how printing technologies can take your direct mail marketing to the next level? Here are 12 articles and resources on and that are worth visiting for more information
Nexos Latinos Jalil Lopez article
Augmented Reality in Action: 'Nexos Latinos' Readers Help Jalil Lopez Steal a Kiss
April 1, 2013 From Home Page
The slow, easy pace of the ballad about unrequited love, "Princesa Mia," contrasts with how quickly Nexos Latinos magazine readers adopted the augmented reality technology the magazine used for the first time in its Fall 2012 issue.
Harte-Hanks Makes Personalized, Highly Variable Content Available to Direct Mail With Acquisition of High-Speed Digital Print Technology
March 27, 2013 From Home Page
Harte-Hanks, Inc., a worldwide direct and targeted marketing company, announced today the immediate availability of high-speed digital print capabilities that make direct mail relevant, resonant and a fully integrated part of today's multi-channel marketing environment. Harte-Hanks's investment in digital print technology is a key part of the company's commitment to reach the right customer, with the right message, through the right channel, at the right time.
Target Marketing March 2013 cover
Who's Spending What?
March 1, 2013 From Home Page
Every year we send an in-depth survey to our readers about how their media spending budgets and plans compare to the year before. The result is our annual Media Usage Forecast issue. But we don't have room in print to fit all of the data we collect. Here is your chance to read some of that behind-the-scenes information for yourself. Below are the complete results of the multiple choice section of the survey. We hope it's just as useful to you as the data and analysis in the magazine.
Wilen Media Announces Company Name Change to Wilen New York
January 3, 2013 From Home Page
Wilen Media, an operating affiliate of the Wilen Group, announced today that it has officially changed its name from Wilen Media to Wilen New York. The rebranding establishes the Wilen organization's identity and commitment to providing clients with new and unique multi-platform strategic solutions in an increasingly competitive landscape.
Shawn Burns, SAP, Global Vice President
5 Digital Truths From the SAP Website Test Lab
January 1, 2013 From Home Page
"Every single test we do arrives at a definitive insight, and it opens up a dozen more questions that you want to test," says Shawn Burns, the worldwide director of digital marketing for German enterprise software company SAP. "It makes you hungry to learn more." In the process of that testing, SAP has come away with many "definitive insights," principles that pretty much always work to improve conversions. Here are five of those insights that have had the biggest impact on how SAP does digital marketing.
Editor's Picks: 2012's Top Direct Marketing Tips for Each 'Target Marketing' Editor
December 1, 2012 From Home Page
As we put together our "35 Top Tips of 2012," it became obvious early on that not all of our favorite tips were going to make it into the magazine. Here is each editor's favorite 2012 tip that didn't make the final cut, along with why those tips made an impression on them.
DMCNY's logo
DMCNY Postpones Silver Apple Awards Gala
November 6, 2012 From Home Page
From The Silver Apple Committee and The Direct Marketing Club of New York: The Direct Marketing Club of New York is postponing the 2012 Silver Apple Awards Gala until January 24, 2013. Due to the effects of hurricane Sandy and the impending Nor'easter Wednesday and Thursday, it was decided not to hold the Silver Apple Awards this Thursday as originally scheduled. Many companies are still recovering and individuals are still experiencing difficulties at home.
Presidential Email Best Practices: Do You Know Better Than Obama and Romney?
November 1, 2012 From Home Page
Loren McDonald, vice president of industry relations at Silverpop, has been analyzing emails from the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney presidential campaigns. He finds that both employ marketing best practices, and both also sometimes step on their own marketing toes. Here is a quiz to see how well you know what political candidates—and commercial marketers—can do to excite supporters, or turn them off.
Union Bank Migrates to Eco-Friendly Customer Bank Statements
October 26, 2012 From Home Page
Union Bank, N.A. announced on Oct. 22 that its customer statement paper will now be more environmentally friendly, as part of its ongoing commitment to responsible banking and the environment. The transition from standard paper to a lighter, more ecologically sound paper called Ecopaque, is one more business practice that is helping Union Bank achieve its environmental goals and reduce costs, while still providing a quality customer experience. The project is led by Union Bank's Sourcing and Statement Services Departments and is supported by the Environmental Stewardship Department, which is responsible for overseeing all environmental efforts, including priorities, strategies and goals for the bank.
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