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Apple reached an agreement with music recognition platform Shazam to acquire the company. The deal, first reported (and then confirmed) by TechCrunch, is in the $400 million ballpark, which is a significant discount from the $1 billion valuation that the company had during its most recent round of funding in 2015.

A massive ransomware attack has spread across at least 74 countries, hitting the IT systems of banks, telephone companies and hospitals and holding affected computers hostage for $300 in Bitcoin.

Even before U.K. citizens voted to exit the E.U. (A.K.A., “Brexit”) marketers were scared ad budgets would dry up as world markets dove as much as 12 percent on Friday — with U.S. exchanges down 3 to 4 percent. That same day, Zacks Equity Research predicted on Yahoo Finance that the main marketers impacted in the U.S. will be in auto, finance, tech and energy sectors.

Everyone bleeds. Yet Americans hide it from themselves in television commercials, video games, movie violence, and in other ads and images by turning the red liquid — get this — blue, black or green. The British aren’t as squeamish. So should American marketing grow up?

What can marketers do with the 10,000-character tweet limit Twitter is considering allowing? Probably a lot, considering a couple of the social media trends I saw on Wednesday. Thousands of people watched British pedestrians try to safely cross a large puddle, causing more than 50,000 tweets about the

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