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For online retailers, few issues are as confusing and cumbersome as understanding sales tax obligations in various states. Most companies either try to find an automated solution or stick their heads in the sand and hope for the best.

Frogs, fish, dogs, spiders, hyenas, chimps and others in the animal kingdom all have an innate ability for counting. But we humans are easily fooled by numbers, especially when they’re presented in context. Learning to exploit the power of context can pay off big for marketers, but at the same time, marketers need to be careful not to be fooled themselves.

White conservative men don’t get a fair shake at Google, claims the man fired after what’s now known as his sexist memo became a public controversy in August. Yesterday, he sued his former employer for discrimination. This, a day after celebrities wore black at the Golden Globes in support of women and men who’ve been sexually harassed or abused, brings into focus brand reputations involved in the discussion about gender equality and free speech.

Violating consumer intent may not be the desire among marketers whose ads are doing end-runs around adblockers, but the reality is 30.5 percent of the Alexa top 10,000 sites are thwarting adblockers to ensure visitors see those advertisements.

Millennials are willing to pay for experiences and not only welcome marketing, but actively seek it out — as long as brands reward them quickly and handsomely for their loyalty. This is especially true of travel marketing and, as such, travel brands are partnering with fashion retailers more and more to provide those experiences and rewards.

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