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Millennials are willing to pay for experiences and not only welcome marketing, but actively seek it out — as long as brands reward them quickly and handsomely for their loyalty. This is especially true of travel marketing and, as such, travel brands are partnering with fashion retailers more and more to provide those experiences and rewards.

When I attended grade school back in the Paleozoic Era, my classmates and I loved our weekly spelling contests where, no matter who our facilitator was, we looked not only to master our assigned words but also to tackle some wild card selections. Millions of years later, I still geek out on these letter placement challenges and am thankful that Google Trends recently released a map of the most misspelled word in each state, with some of the troublemakers striking me as “beautiful” reminders of how even common utterances can catch us by “surprise.”

Is it true in marketing that all publicity is good publicity? Periodic forays into the land of questionable taste, such as selling what appeared to be a bullet-ridden and bloody Kent State sweatshirt in 2014, haven’t seemed to put Urban Outfitters out of business. So will the Coachella concert officials’ trademark infringement lawsuit against the Philadelphia retailer really make a dent?

There is a unified Republican government for the first time in 88 years. What the Trump era means for the printing industry remains to be seen, but what is clear is that Trump’s policy proposals suggest that there are both opportunities and challenges ahead.

The Southern California drought is causing ecological and economic mayhem. In 2014, Governor Jerry Brown decreed a 25 percent reduction in water usage. “According to the California Building Industry Association, most new homes use 174,000 gallons of water per year with 57 percent used for landscapes and 9 percent used for over watering!”

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