Direct Mail Smackdown: The Magalog vs. the Oversize Envelope

Looking at recent publishing mail from The Who’s Mailing What! Archive, two very different efforts from Consumer Reports really jumped out at us. Both mail pieces have been in the mailstream for nearly three years, so both represent successful controls.

What makes them successful? And which is better?! Watch and listen to Peggy Hatch and Ethan Boldt compare and contrast the following:

  • One is a magalog and the other is an oversize envelope. Both use copy and images to grab the prospect’s attention in different ways.
  • One effort uses the involvement device of the “Free” sticker, along with an oversize reply form.
  • Both give you plenty of sizzle, but also please you with some steak (good content) — which one’s ‘steak’ works better?
  • One uses a more straightforward letter with the copy driver flattery on full display. Does it beat the other effort that doesn’t leverage a standard letter?
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