Red Hot Marketing Tip: More Color on the Outer Envelope … and Letter

At DMIQ, perhaps our favorite category among the 200-strong group housed in the Who’s Mailing What! Archive is “Cultural Organizations.” These folks — museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. — spend money in their direct mail programs because they know that’s the chute where the bulk of their members emerge from. Of course, some efforts hit the mark, and some miss.

This week’s episode with Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt features Longwood Gardens, and it hits the mark. Highlights include:

  • Certain colors can improve response. Does this bright outer work for most prospects?
  • The standard 4-page direct mail letter is often white and two separate pages. Not here, as Longwood uses images of the Gardens throughout and seals the letter on the side.
  • Calls to action and the reply form are so often overlooked in the package, but they’re absolutely key to response. Longwood aces both elements in this effort.
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