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Free Report: How to Stop Webpage Speed from Killing Your Marketing
May 24, 2012

According to end-user analysis, consumers abandon websites after only three seconds of waiting. Download our free report, How to Stop Webpage Speed from Killing Your Marketing, and see how decreasing the time it takes for consumers to interact with your web or mobile site can increase engagement, response, and conversion.

On the Internet, slow can cost you. Learn how to use accelerated content delivery to accelerate results.

Free Webinar: 5 Top Strategies to Increase Your Online Retail Revenue
May 24, 2012

Now that consumers are spending more time online, is your retail site a top spot for shoppers? Are you realizing your online revenue potential and building brand loyalty across online and offline channels? Check out this free webinar from Limelight Networks that reveals what online shoppers want and why, as well as the best strategies for driving website conversions.

Free Whitepaper: Optimizing the Mobile Commerce Experience
April 18, 2012

While brands are working to capitalize on mobile commerce, they face a number of difficult decisions related to site performance, content delivery and ensuring a consistent experience across both mobile and traditional web platforms. Read this whitepaper to gain insights into the key findings of the latest mobile commerce survey conducted by Limelight Networks, and learn how you can control content management, publishing, device optimization and site acceleration for multiple platforms — all from a single workflow.

Free Webinar: Front-End Acceleration for Better Traffic Conversion on Your Website
April 18, 2012

Site performance is no longer a website feature, it's a business requirement. Your IT team already runs multiple technical approaches for improving the performance of your website and web-based applications. They're doing things like gzipping, web server tuning and minimizing redirects, all of which speed delivery of your content on the back end. But what about the time it takes a website visitor or application user to actually interact with and get a meaningful response from your site? Check out this webinar to learn about front-end acceleration, which enables you to control content delivery at the browser-level and engage users directly with customized content to speed time to action.

Free Report: 3 Ways to Boost Transactions With Web Acceleration
April 12, 2012

Web page loading delays can deter consumers from buying, and traditional content caching alone won't prevent this from happening. Download Limelight Networks' free report, 3 Proven Ways to Boost Transactions with Web Acceleration, to see how new front-end acceleration technology can improve time to action.