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Jeff Molander

Making Social Sell

By Jeff Molander

About Jeff

If you're a business owner or marketing executive who wants insightful, jargon-free tips on making social media work for your business—FAST—you're in the right place. Jeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell. He's an international speaker, publisher, adjunct digital marketing faculty at Loyola University and an entrepreneur who co-founded the Google Affiliate Network. His book, "Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You," is first to show how fans, readers and followers can be converted to leads, subscribers and sales. Make Social Sell is your practical resource on making social media produce leads and sales.


Brand Matters

Andrea Syverson
Linger Longer: A Branding Imperative
Jul 23, 2014

"Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language," wrote Henry...

Reinventing Direct

Gary Hennerberg
Stimulating Action With Color
Jul 22, 2014

There is growing scientific evidence of how the brain processes color and how color impacts our feelings and how we...

Marketing Sustainably

Chet Dalzell
The Mailboxes of My Memory
Jul 21, 2014

In my life, I've had a lot of mailboxes. My current box (New York, N.Y.) is part of an apartment...

The Power Punch

Carolyn Goodman
Trickery Is Not a Marketing Strategy
Jul 18, 2014

Despite what some people may think, I was not born yesterday. But lately I feel like I've been duped by...

Big Data, Small Data, Clean Data, Messy Data

Stephen  H. Yu
Big Data Must Get Smaller
Jul 17, 2014

Like many folks who worked in the data business for a long time, I don't even like the words "Big...

Direct Mail for the Modern Marketer

Summer Gould
Why Can't I Mail It? - Booklets
Jul 16, 2014

As you know from Part One of "Why Can't I Mail It?" with postcards and Part Two with self-mailers, there...

Marketing Nuggets

Michael Lowenstein
Avoiding the One-Night Stand
Jul 15, 2014

Stating that all customers are not created equal is hardly an oversimplification. But, just like the pigs in Orwell's "Animal...

The Integrated Email

Cyndie Shaffstall
Collaborating With Sales for Sales
Jul 14, 2014

I presented the Bottoms-Up Marketing webinar a couple weeks ago, and following the event found the same question had been...

Ruthless B-to-B Marketing

Ruth P.  Stevens
B-to-B Marketing Is Falling Down on the Job
Jul 9, 2014

I heard a horror story the other day—a consumer packaged goods executive ranting about a meeting with a vendor. "I...

Keeping Search Profitable

Amanda G. Watlington, Ph.D.
Google: The Elephant for Search Marketers
Jul 8, 2014

Pierre Trudeau, the former Canadian Prime Minister, once remarked about the United States: "Living next to you is in some...

Here's What Counts

Chuck McLeester
You Absolutely Must Try and Fail
Jul 2, 2014

In her book, "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success," Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck purports that people possess one of...

Muscle Marketing

Wendy Montes de Oca
How to Create High Performing Sweepstakes for Lead-Gen Efforts
Jul 1, 2014

OK, I know what you're thinking … viable leads typically don't come from sweepstakes and contests. And when not done...

Online Video Marketing Deep Dive

Eve Grey
Are Your Videos Champions of Your Brand?
Feb 3, 2014

If you advertise in an ordinary way, it's safe to expect ordinary results. However, when you take the extreme and...

Think Mobility

Greg Hickman
‘I Can't Because, I Need ... ’
Oct 7, 2013

Does this sound like you? Have you ever set up a goal, but then realized (either quickly or too late)...

Triple Venti Dolce Data...

Vince Pickett
Clue Me In, Please
Aug 21, 2013

So here we are, halfway through 2013. You, along with everyone, are still trying to find that magic formula to...


Yory Wurmser
Privacy in the Age of Big Data
Jul 10, 2013

Consumers reveal more than ever before consciously through social media and, just as importantly, unconsciously through their behaviors. This data...

Who's Your Data?

Rio Longacre
Instagram: Does It Matter That It Will Make Money on Your Pics?
Dec 19, 2012

Instagram announced the company will soon begin using your content to sell targeted advertising products to the highest bidder. Does...

The Whole Magilla

Ken Magill
What Marketers Can Learn From Maine's Political Email Idiocy
Feb 24, 2012

It finally happened. Politicians' idiotic email practices had a measurable negative effect. "Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster has admitted...

Denny Hatch's Blog

Denny Hatch
The Internet Can Make You a Chump—Forever!
Sep 25, 2010

Trouble is, the Internet is rife with misinformation and if you get caught advertently or inadvertently propagating this nonsense in...

SEO & Content Marketing Revue

Heather Lloyd-Martin
5 Tips for Top Positioning (And Converting) Page Titles
Aug 11, 2010

Wondering about a SEO content strategy that offers the biggest impact in the shortest time? Try tweaking your page titles....

Why and How to Let Prospects 'Pick Your Brain' Online

"Can I pick your brain on social selling, Jeff?" As a B-to-B marketer myself, I cannot afford to say no. Neither can you. Because customers may not want to do it themselves, as we suspect they do. In fact, prospects seeking free advice are often latent buyers or great referral sources. Here are two reasons to let prospects "pick your brain" and a way to give away knowledge that grows your business.  Read More >>

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The No. 1 Most Overlooked Video Content Marketing Strategy

Is your video content marketing strategy producing leads? Most B-to-B marketers are generating views, clicks, shares and likes, but netting few leads. Don't be one of them. Generating leads and sales with video isn't difficult if you get back to basics. The trick is publishing videos that create self-confidence in your viewers. This is a faster, easier way to create engaging discussion—and ultimately trust in you.  Read More >>


A LinkedIn Profile Call to Action

LinkedIn profile pages contain areas where a call to action should be placed, such as the publications and summary sections. Are you linking out to landing pages that generate leads? Let's make sure you are using calls to action to the fullest—to generate more response from prospects. Here are some tips on the best spots to place effective LinkedIn profile calls to action.  Read More >>

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Why Engaging Passionately Fails Us (and What to Do Instead)

"The experts" claim passion is the key to a successful B-to-B business blogging strategy. They say results will come when you show customers you care in LinkedIn groups and give away your best advice. But this advice is misguided. Caring and giving are merely costs of entry. Process is the force multiplier. Process is at the heart of effective business blogging and using LinkedIn for lead generation.  Read More >>


3 Steps to an Effective LinkedIn Sales Strategy

"How much time do I need to invest in prospecting on LinkedIn each day?" The answer may surprise you. Getting more response, and earning leads, means developing a LinkedIn sales strategy that sets aside the time investment question. Instead, focus on applying an exceptional, proven approach to LinkedIn. Make sure everything you do on LinkedIn has one goal in mind: getting prospects hungry for more details, answers, short-cuts or satisfying experiences.  Read More >>


How to Create Content That Converts

It's time to stop creating compelling content and start creating content that converts. The "create compelling content" mantra has failed us. We're awash in a sea of ineffective, self-centered articles, videos, ebooks and whitepapers that fail to create leads. So follow these three handy success principles to create content that converts.  Read More >>

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3 Essential Questions to Ask Social Media Candidates for Hire

I admit these questions are strange. But if you need leads these are THE questions to ask social media candidates. Because social media is a sales tool that will filter leads, you need to hire people or agencies who define success as sales, not just engagement. So, without further ado, here are three "must ask" questions to aim at would-be social marking managers or agency reps—straight from a guy who generated a 400 percent increase in leads in 90 days for call tracking provider,...  Read More >>

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Stop Measuring Content Marketing

Why are most sales people and small businesses struggling to generate leads online? Because they invest heavily in social media and content marketing-yet define success as engagement instead of sales. In fact, ask yourself: Are we measuring online content to justify more busy work?  Read More >>


Convince Prospects You Can Change Their Success Rates

Is generating leads with LinkedIn proving frustrating and difficult? Probably because you're failing at tempting prospects to click more deeply and explore what you're all about ... in ways that help capture a lead. Here's how to provoke response—get people to dive deeper into your blog post, explore your LinkedIn profile, register for a webinar or whitepaper download, email or call you.  Read More >>


5 Steps to Generating Leads From Your Blog in Just a Few Months

"How long should it take to start generating leads on my blog?" The answer will surprise you. In many cases we're talking about just a few months. Really? Yes, really. Here's proof and five steps you can take right now to make it happen for you.


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Using LinkedIn for Sales Leads: Getting More Response

Getting more response from sales prospects. It's what we need. LinkedIn is helpful for lead identification and qualification but getting response from decision makers (on the approach) remains difficult. Using LinkedIn for sales leads can be tough. "Warming up" prospects using social media is a must and can be a game changer. By combining lead targeting with a practical listening system you (or your team) will increase email and voice mail response rates by becoming super-relevant....  Read More >>

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How to Hire a Social Media Manager Who Can Sell

Need to hire a social media manager, freelancer or agency ... or get your current resource focused on sales? Here's a quick way to get everyone aimed at the goal: engagement that creates leads, referrals and sales, not just shares, comments and followers.  Read More >>


The Most Powerful Content Marketing Lesson Learned (That Nobody Is Talking About)

In the last few years, of what's being called online content marketing, what have we learned? When all the blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, podcasts and YouTube videos have been produced, what can we say we learned, took action on and improved? The single most important lesson learned for me, and in my research, has been how engaging customers should never be the goal. Instead, engagement is the starting point. It's an open door to get customers to respond to you, your brand.  Read More >>

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Blogging for Sales Leads: The No. 1 Reason Your Blog Isn't Getting It Done

I used to believe in blogging authentically, transparently, telling good stories and being a thought leader, but these ideas consistently failed to generate leads for me. That's because I was missing the one, essential piece that content marketing and blogging gurus don't even know about: Use a blog to create confidence in the buyer—not me, my brand or my business.  Read More >>

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Sales: That's How Social Media Beats 'Big Data'

The truth is your target market probably has five big objections you must overcome to win them over—to earn a new customer relationship or grow an account. If you're a smart marketer (and I know you are) you've got to ask yourself: How will this new "big data" trend help me overcome these objections and sell more, more often? Can big data help you get the job done? Should you invest in it with this expectation?  Read More >>

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2013: Year of the Social Selling Expert

If social media and content marketing managers are to survive the meteoric rise of "big data" they'll need to become social selling experts—pronto. Like any new marketing trend, few can actually agree on what big data is. Yet the drumbeat of its promise is quickening and becoming louder. The role of the CMO is increasingly coming under pressure to techno-fy, automate and focus on bridging the gap between marketing and sales teams.  Read More >>


Social Media for Sales Prospecting: A Document Management Success Story

Ed Worthington is getting more face-time with B-to-B decision-makers—and selling more office copiers, printers, scanners and document shredders than before—using a ridiculously practical social media technique. He's signing more contracts faster, more often and easier than ever before at Maryland-based document management business Action Business Systems.  Read More >>

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How to Tell if Your Storytelling Strategy Is a Dud

What do potential and existing customers care about more in your business: Your culture, history of your company, how funny or "human" you are, or your ability to solve problems in innovative ways that help them create distinctive market position and grow? Reality check: Your clients rarely base decisions on starting or continuing to do business based on your corporate culture, attitude, style or personality.  Read More >>