Video Marketing

How to Successfully Integrate Video Into Email
January 29, 2010

As marketers scramble to integrate video into any and every marketing media they can, email has emerged as a focal point. In a Jan. 28 webinar from WhatCounts, an e-communications solutions provider, David Daniels, founder of the online consulting firm The Relevancy Group, and David Geller, founder and CEO of WhatCounts, discussed best practices for marketers to follow as they immerse themselves in video email.

6 Steps for Video Search Marketing Beyond YouTube
December 10, 2009

The most popular YouTube videos of all time are wacky, crazy and memorable. They show people doing amazing stunts; cats acting like creepy humans; family members surviving freaky accidents; and ever-popular dancing, dancing and more dancing. While these examples may not be appropriate content for many brands, you can learn lessons from these popular videos. So where should you start?

Raising the Profile With DVD Mail
December 1, 2009

You have a great product and you know the industry it's tailor-made for, so how fast can you introduce this product ... and in the right way? That was the question Graham Medical, owner of the new MegaMover Transport Chair

5 Ways to Get Video Marketing Right
September 25, 2008

These days, seemingly everywhere you look online, you find video. In less than three years, video has taken the Internet landscape by storm, changing the way users think about and consume online content. The implications for Web-based and Web-enabled businesses are staggering, and represent a fundamental sea change in the ways in which businesses generate traffic, create leads, drive conversion and create community online.

eChat: Video Marketing Trends
July 15, 2008

Melissa: Thanks for taking the time to participate in our eChat on video marketing. How do you use video marketing at your companies? Can you offer some examples?

June 17, 2008

“One of Google's biggest goals this year was to make YouTube profitable. Well the year is nearly half over, and they've still yet to figure this puzzle out. Traffic and users is not the issue, but rather, how to convert them into cash in their pockets.”