Explore Your Postage Options
November 1, 2005

Postage can do more than just get your mail delivered. Your mailbox tells the story. Most direct mail bears ho-hum, routine-looking postage, whether it’s a stamp, metered postage or a preprinted indicia. Sure, it does its job. It gets the mail piece delivered. But if you’re the direct marketer paying for the postage, you also should consider how to make your postage investment work harder to: - make your mail piece stand out from the rest of the stack; - make it look important and valuable enough to get past the mail screener; and - get it opened and read, instead of

Database Special Report: The Big Picture of Address Quality
January 1, 2004

Have you ever seen a Web site sign-up form with separate boxes to enter city, state and ZIP code, but only a single line for address? The Web designer made things simple and fast for the visitor. Unfortunately, the marketer is then left with an unusable address. Historically, businesses have compartmentalized for efficiency. And this is one reason why database marketing isn’t easy. Unless you can control the focus, another department’s objective may become your problem. The value of your database rests on small things. Many of your larger purposes will depend on how well your addresses can be matched up to external data.

Postal - All Cleaned Out
September 1, 2003

Users of First-Class mail who have not yet complied with U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Move Update rules are feeling the sting. Earlier this year, the agency began reclaiming postage discounts from marketers who have not run their lists through National Change of Address (NCOA), Fastforward or Address Correction Service (ACS). "It has become a huge financial burden for the USPS to deal with undeliverables," says Gary Van Roekel, vice president of sales and marketing for Melissa Data, a postal automation software provider. To maximize postal savings, Van Roekel recommends marketers take advantage of the benefits of Move Update features: NCOA: The file contains