Multichannel Integration

January 1, 2006

As I write this, I'm still shocked by recent news clips of people being trampled in front of a Wal-Mart and by other stories of violence associated with Black Friday. This kind of competitive shopping underscores the physical safety of mail order. Sure, you might get carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive Web surfing or a nasty paper cut from a catalog page, but these maladies are far more easy to avoid than being punched in the face for a cheap laptop. Interestingly, none of the reporters covering such acts of shopping violence thought to note that some people were avoiding the retail mayhem

Room to Grow
December 1, 2005

Highlights for Children was a 43-year-old magazine with a strong brand before marketing any other offerings to its core customers: parents of young children. In 1946, Dr. Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife Caroline Clark Myers founded Highlights for Children Inc. The privately-held company flourished with a single product—Highlights for Children® magazine—throughout four full decades before deciding it was time to grow its brand and its business. Today, Highlights for Children Inc. houses under its corporate umbrella several kids’ book club programs, a toy and game catalog, and an interactive Web site. “We are now much more than a single magazine for children.

Catalog and Direct Selling: Get Them Back
December 1, 2004

... for the second sale It’s the end of the year and you’re probably tabulating the first-time buyer count—how many customers have made their very first purchase this year. And you’re also looking at how many first-time buyers you have overall—customers who’ve only made one purchase in their lifetime. To keep the customer file strong and profitable, these first-time buyers need to buy again next year. But, next year is just days away. What can you do to influence a second purchase? Begin With RFM Planning how to influence the second sale should be part of your overall annual contact strategy. The annual contact

Lessons in Multichannel Marketing
December 1, 2004

Scotiabank and Frederick’s of Hollywood mix media to propel customer interaction. Long before the Internet, direct marketing companies practiced multichannel marketing, especially business-to-business firms. But this layered communication approach was more about pushing sales messages to prospects and customers than it was about being accessible and ready to take sales or questions at the prospect’s or customer’s convenience. As the industry continues to realize, the Internet has completely transformed the direct marketer/customer relationship. By pairing e-mail and the Web with offline media, direct marketers are able to develop compelling campaigns that offer recipients the ultimate in communication choices. Benefits of Channel Coordination For Michael

Catalog and Direct Selling: The Selling Season Is Upon Us
October 1, 2004

Here’s a last-minute checklist to see if you truly are ready for the holidays. The fourth quarter’s started, the sales are coming in, the hard work is done and you finally can rest. Well, maybe not. This is the time of year most catalogers enjoy; the time of year when all of the work and effort of the prior seven or eight months pays off. It’s when all of what was learned last year is put to the test in the form of revised marketing strategies, new creative initiatives, more efficient offer rollouts and better tracking methods. But it isn’t a time to

Time for a Marketing Tune Up
October 1, 2004

Even small adjustments can keep your sales and profit engine humming. Sometimes a marketing program sputters and wheezes like a car on its last legs. Often, results are just not what they could be. Like a car that doesn’t start smoothly, many marketing programs could benefit from a tune-up. Similar to telling your mechanic the car’s status when you drop it off, marketing tune-ups benefit from a review of the current situation in comparison to historical averages or results of past campaigns. This will give you a sense of where problems and opportunities lie. You will be able to see what key performance indicators

Catalog and Direct Selling: Don’t Leave Money on the Table
September 1, 2004

Techniques that increase response, average order and overall profits Many direct marketers unwittingly leave money on the table with every transaction. One transaction at a time, it may not seem like much. Collectively, it could mean thousands of dollars robbed from the bottom line. Here are five techniques that not only will increase your average order and add to overall profits, but in many cases also increase overall response. All five should become part of your all-around merchandise and creative strategies. Cross-sell Before the Checkout Most successful direct marketers already know the value of cross-selling on the telephone or online, but few take

List View: List Selection for Multichannel Campaigns
September 1, 2004

The current era of direct marketing has brought upon us not only a wealth of customer-centric data, but numerous channels by which to reach consumers. Direct marketers can choose from direct mail, insert media, telemarketing, direct response television, e-mail, fax and now mobile messaging—can blogging be far behind? Because of the federal regulations governing telemarketing and fax marketing, these two channels have become problematic for acquisition and retention. At the moment, the most effective multichannel campaigns consist mainly of tandem postal and e-mail marketing. In the past 18 months, multichannel marketing using e-mail and postal delivery has become an effective acquisition and CRM strategy.

Get Paid: Multiple Channels Add Power to International Campaign
September 1, 2004

As the international marketplace becomes increasingly sophisticated, and international markets continue to grow both in strength and scope, U.S. marketers are rethinking their global strategies. While many companies have tested the international waters via one channel, such as the Internet, retail or direct mail, few have reached their full international growth potential using a single-oar approach. When you rely on a mix of vehicles, you can strengthen response for each channel employed, especially when you include two or more of mail, periodicals, telemarketing, radio/television, package inserts, card decks, Internet or e-commerce. From years of experience in the domestic marketplace, we know that appropriate use

Catalog and Direct Selling: Punch Up Your Product’s Resume
July 1, 2004

Turn a good idea into a best seller Every product is like a job seeker. A product has a resume; it interviews each time it’s shown on a catalog page or Web site; and if it presents its qualifications properly, it has a good chance of closing the deal for the salary … er, price … it demands. So how do you give your product the edge in a market filled with similarly qualified products? The same way you do in the business world: Network your way in the door, present a killer resume and nail the interview cold. Get in the Door If