Mobile Marketing

Minding the Gap: How In-Store Mobile Marketing is Reaching Across Generations
November 5, 2015

Thanks in part to the vast amount of recent changes in consumer technology and digital avenues available, many marketers are beginning to question the effectiveness of targeting generations solely based on common characteristics. According to a 2003 academic paper, "Cohort segmentation: An exploration of its validity," only 45 percent of the respondents actually align with their generation's characteristics. Therefore, it's become more clear that generational marketing pigeonholes and oversimplifies the differing age groups’ needs and wants.

Thumbs Rule Marketing, Says Facebook
November 3, 2015 at 8:00 am

Marketers may soon be taking orders from one master — the thumb. Mobile is already involved in the majority of shopping decisions and

4 Mobile Marketing Tips
November 3, 2015

Whether consumers are on their favorite social media platform or shopping online, innovations within mobile marketing are allowing B-to-B and B-to-C companies to target users on-the-go. For brands looking to enhance their mobile presence, consider integrating the following initiatives into any mobile marketing strategy and overall business plan to see substantial increases in your return on investment:

Shopping on the Small Screen: How to Optimize Mobile
October 23, 2015

Mobile is the top digital channel of 2015. According to a new infographic from membership-based retailer DirectBuy, 29 percent of U.S. adults describe their smartphone as something they can't live without, 44 percent sleep with a smartphone by their bed to avoid missing notifications, and 67 percent check their smartphones for messages even without receiving some type of notification.

What's the Mobile Marketing Blind Spot Costing You?
October 2, 2015

With growing consumer adoption of smartphones and increased usage of "click to call," consumers are creating a blind spot for marketers. The blind spot? Phone calls. DialogTech, formerly known as Ifbyphone, a call analytics and automation company, created the infographic below to help marketers navigate the rise of customer service phone calls, as well as offer tips to eliminate the blind spot in your mobile marketing attribution.

Minions, Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?
October 1, 2015 at 4:04 pm

Minions look a bit like bananas themselves, so pairing the yellow animated characters from the Universal Studios movie with the highly

Be There: Google on its ‘Micro Moments’
September 29, 2015

Mobile isn't the future anymore; it's the here and now. And in case you've been sleeping, Google has had a guiding hand in where mobile is today. In a very informative report just released, Google details the art of "Being There" in the unique "micro moments" that each mobile user experiences.