Don’t Fight the Law
April 1, 2004

Your Legal Team Need Not Be the Bane of Your Creative Efforts: A Guide to Prosperous Coexistence Your legal team and your creative team are two departments wed by corporate necessity and predestined to disagree. Or are they? It’s true these two factions, equally vital in the advancement and survival of your business, often approach situations from polar perspectives. But with a little cooperation, understanding and, most importantly, communication, your legal and creative departments can get along like June and Ward Cleaver rather than Peggy and Al Bundy. Perhaps the first step to harmonious relations between legal and creative is understanding the

Famous Last Words: A 2-cent Tax on Every E-mail? Yes!
January 1, 2004

A member of Congress averages an annual salary of $154,000, which means it costs taxpayers roughly $60,000 an hour (plus expenses) for their elected politicians to meet. When the Senate and the House of Representatives debate silly stuff—like an anti-spam bill that is not enforceable or legislation against porn on the Internet that is unconstitutional—my money is wasted by a bunch of grandstanders looking to garner points for their re-election. Let’s face it, everything in the life of a free society with a free economy is driven by one thing—money. Money is the great leveler. By the time this column sees print, Congress will

Does Telemarketing Still Work?
November 1, 2003

For some in the telemarketing industry, the Federal Trade Commission's creation of the National Do-Not-Call Registry was a call to arms. For telemarketing consultant Jon Hamilton, president and principal of JHA Telemanagement, it was a wake-up call. "The number of unduplicated households on the do-not-call list today is 42 million to 44 million, according to sources I know who've analyzed the file," says Hamilton. "We're heading to 60 percent to 70 percent of all U.S. households being on the list. Without permission marketing, consumer telemarketing will cease to be an effective marketing tool." At the time this interview with Hamilton