Email Dead? Bah Humbug.
November 24, 2015 at 8:00 am

The ever-present argument strikes again: Email is dead. But as 2015 winds down and 2016 approaches, will marketers begin moving away

Hillary vs. Bernie: Applying Email Marketing Measurement to Track a Political Race’s Shifting Momentum
November 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders was winning. Heading into the first democratic presidential debate, Sanders' email messages were reaching more users than Hillary Clinton's and his program was performing significantly better. In the week before the event, nearly 95 percent of his email reached the inbox, almost 19 percent was read, and less than 13 percent was ignored (deleted without being read).

Millennials, a Holiday Sales Bright Spot
November 18, 2015 at 8:00 am

While Millennials may spend less money than other holiday shoppers, this sizeable bloc of consumers will spend more than last year, for

Top 10 WMW! Direct Mail and Email Categories
November 18, 2015

Direct Mail Catalogs-Consumer Retail Traffic Builders Fundraising-Health/Handicapped Fundraising-Social Action (Causes) Fundraising-Animals/Wildlife Fundraising-Environment Tours/Travel Promotions Fundraising-Children Seminars/Conferences Insurance-Auto Email Catalogs-Consumer Retail Traffic Builders Magazines-Special Interest Fundraising-Politics Fundraising-Social Action (Causes) Magazines-Business/Financial Catalogs-Children/Teen Catalogs-Food & Kitchenware Newsletters-General Fashions-Men's/Women's Note: These Top 10 lists based on volume of offers for direct mail received by Who’s Mailing What! from July…