Edit Your Stuff!
September 1, 2009

I have taken some flak for my definition of a blog: "A cross between bog and blob." By that I mean many bloggers love to clear their throats, roll up their sleeves, rub their hands together and talk about what they had for breakfast, whereupon you are in the middle of Page 2 and have learned nothing.

Killer Kickoffs
September 1, 2009

Your marketing efforts are under attack! They are costing more to produce and getting lackluster results, right? Your efforts must be stepped up in order to survive. In most cases, every marketing effort your company has produced could have been stronger, more strategic and garnered better results. Almost every time the culprit that keeps you from stellar results can point back to the kickoff meeting.

How to Work Out Mutually Beneficial Insert Media Partnerships
August 26, 2009

Insert media partnerships offer direct marketers great opportunities to engage other brands’ active, dedicated customers. The trick is to find the right partners to form a mutually beneficial bond for both parties. Here, Michael Feldstein, director of alternate media for Stamford, Conn.-based publisher Boardroom Inc., maps out how to go about finding mutually beneficial insert media partnerships, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and provides examples that have worked for Boardroom.

4 Direct Mail Tactics that Are Working Right Now
August 26, 2009

Washington, D.C.-based publisher The Kiplinger Washington Editors conducts some rigorous testing for its large direct mail program, giving it quite an expansive perspective on what’s working in the mail at any given point. Denise Elliott, the firm’s vice president of sales and marketing, shared some of these valuable insights at list, data and interactive marketing services firm MeritDirect’s Co-op, held last month in Westchester, N.Y.

3 Tactics to Improve Customer Response
August 26, 2009

Everyone’s heard the saying, “The customer’s always right,” and that has never been more true than today. The freedom the Internet has brought to consumers—search, social media, etc.—allows them to dictate their own shopping experiences. That means it’s vital for marketers to gain trust and build relationships in their communications if they have any hope of nabbing sales.

5 Ways to Upgrade Envelope Copy
August 12, 2009

The Internet age has been both a blessing and a curse for direct mail. On one hand, there is less mail in the physical mailbox, as many marketers have reduced their volumes in favor of e-mail messaging. On the other, prospects appear to make more rapid-fire decisions about their mail.

5 Keys to Remarkable Personalization
July 1, 2009

Personalization is a popular direct marketing tactic to help stand out among the clutter that enters consumers’ mailboxes and inboxes. But in today’s technologically advanced world, simple personalization doesn’t cut it anymore. “We follow the Seth Godin school: You have to be absolutely remarkable to make a difference,” says Jay Regan, vice president of client development at Daytona Beach, Fla.-based cross-media marketing solutions organization DME.

Opt In to the Inbox
July 1, 2009

As a direct marketing copywriter and avid reader, I’m a big fan of e-mail newsletters. They are the perfect combination of medium and message.

25 Secrets to Help Your Creative Teams Thrive!
June 23, 2009

Today, when every dollar you invest must work harder and go further, getting the best work from your creative teams couldn't be more important. But why do some relationships fizzle while others soar?

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Everyone Loves a Story
June 1, 2009

According to copywriter Heather Sloan, case studies are often more effective than brochures and traditional sales collateral. Why is this the case?