Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

Turducken With a Side of Trust

Turkey on Thanksgiving. It's the most traditional, trusted meal of the year. What could convince me to entrust this sacred meal to a little-known direct marketer's website? Here's the story of Dr. Strangebird: How Cajun Grocer got me to stop worrying and trust the turducken.

'Social Media' Is a Useless Idea

Sometimes it seems like the whole thing is a big, distributed CRM vending machine. But it's not one thing. Social media is in fact many things, and they're not really that similar.

It's OK to Hate Data

There's a disconnect between our readers who see marketing in the strategy, creative, etc., and our readers who see marketing in the numbers. If you're the former, let me say one thing: It's OK to hate data.

Hansel & Gretel: How Vistar Media Helps Create a Breadcrumb Trail Out of Data

"Think about every interaction you take," said Lucy Markowitz, a Senior Account Executive at Vistar Media. "Whether it's texts, calls, updating your email — everything creates data." Find out more about how Vistar Media creates a breadcrumb trail of data for each individual prospect across every platform, in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

Enter the Matrix: How Trendalytics Turns Social Into Business Intelligence

"We know — intuitively we know — that there's a tremendous amount of business intelligence embedded in that social data, if you can find it," said Larry Nipon, the CRO of Trendalytics. Find out how Trendalytics is turning outgoing social data into analytics and competitive advantages to businesses looking to get an edge up on social media strategies.

Marketing in the Big World

Marketers are embracing the big question today: How do you map and influence the complete customer journey? That's the whole trip, from creating interest in your category, to educating them on the space, becoming a brand they want to do business with, and finally to making a purchase.

Customers at the Wheel: How Trackif Puts the Buyer in Charge of CRM

"We actually fulfill the promise for allowing customers to curate and control what marketing they get sent," said Doug Berg, the founder of Trackif. And hopefully, if customers are seeing ads that they want to see, then they're more likely to engage with you. Find out what happens when customers take the reigns of a CRM system in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

Beyond the Spreadsheet: How QuanticMind Amplifies Online Advertising

"There's only so much you can do with an Excel spreadsheet," said Alex Ortiz, VP of Marketing for QuanticMind. With predictability analytics and metrics, QuanticMind is taking online advertising across social media and search, and optimizing it to a sharpened point. Find out more in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

Big Data for All: How DatabaseUSA Is Democratizing Data

"The cost of data can be high," said DatabaseUSA founder Mark Richard, "so if we removed the cost of data from the equation, what could people think of to do with this data?" That's the thought behind their innovative app contest for startups and developers — letting data run free. Learn about how DatabaseUSA encouraged innovation in marketing by liberating data, in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN event.

'Who Cares?' How the Economist Makes Sponsored Content Relateable

"'Who cares?' It's not what you care about, it's what your audience cares about," said Heather Taylor, Director of Content Strategy for North America at the Economist. Knowing yourself is important, but it's even more important to know your audience. Find out Heather's tips for understanding the audience you serve when it comes to putting together a sponsored content campaign, in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN 2015 event.

A Click Is Just the Beginning: How Jebbit Is Redefining Personalization

"We take a brand's static content," said Jebbit's Nicholas Lemieux, "and we make it interactive, and able for them to capture data, build consumer profiles and optimize the consumer decision over time." Post-click personalization, done to scale every time. Find out how Jebbit does it in this exclusive interview from the DMA's &THEN 2015 event.

Mightier Than the Sword: Flexes the Power of the Pen

"It's not a font, it doesn't look like a font," said's Eloise Bune, "It really looks like authentic handwriting." In today's competitive marketing landscape, simple name personalization often isn't enough. Consumers can even tell when you're using an autopen or font made out to look like handwriting. But with code that customizes each letter each time it appears, offers something unique, that you almost have to see to believe.

Future Forward: MentAd Predicts Your Next Buyer

Marketers, rejoice: You can roll that crystal ball into a dusty corner of the basement and forget about it, according to MentAd. "We build technology that can predict who their next customers can be," said Co-founder Yuval Baror, "and then find the optimal way to reach those customers."