Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

Daymond John - The Shark on Marketing

On ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Daymond John is known as the investor who cares most about a pitch’s marketing plan. In his business life, he’s an entrepreneur and marketing expert with a history of creating gold from target market engagement and connecting deeply with his customers.

Customer Success and You [video]

Customer success is a different way of looking at marketing. If your customers are not able to use your product or solution successfully, they’re not likely to buy again, or say good things about the product to other potential buyers.

Marketing Steals the Show

This issue is a little different from our normal offering, from the “Shark” on the cover to the center-stage spotlight on interactive agencies inside.

Extreme Social Listening

Alex & Ani CMO Ryan Bonifacino talks about how to build deep customer connections through social listening, and why the company promoted retail sales associates to the online marketing department.

Research: What Do Marketers Want From a Marketing Convention?

When DMA decided it was time to overhaul its annual convention, one of the longest running shows in marketing, the first step was to do a thorough assessment of what today's marketers want in a convention. The result is a unique look at the wants and needs of marketers today.

Top 50 Mailers and Emailers of 2015

Welcome to Target Marketing’s 10th annual Top 50 Mailers as measured by volume! Again this year, we’ve teamed with Who’s Mailing What! (WMW!) to create this list from its library of direct mail and email pieces for you. And this year, we’re doing something new.

New CMO Innovation Study: Compare Your 2016 Innovation Plans to Your Peers’

Lisa Nirell, President of EnergizeGrowth and the morning keynote speaker for the upcoming Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference, just launched the third annual CMO Innovation Trends survey. The study will help senior marketers learn what growth and innovation opportunities their peers are facing in the industry today.

5 Trends in the Top 50 Mailers of 2015

When compiling the Top 50 Mailers list for 2015, trends such as fundraisers making a comeback and political mailings increasing in the mail box ahead of the 2016 election were just two of the five key things that stood out.

Target Marketing TV

How would you like to see your favorite editors and contributors from Target Marketing in moving pictures, live on your computer? Now you can, because we’re making movies! Well, Web videos, technically, but still our editors have thrown their hats into the online video arena with a new slate of videos.

Content Marketing and 'The Art of War'

Two business phenomena, one very new and the other very old: Content Marketing and "The Art of War." We’re going to talk about three ways this ancient text applies to your content marketing, focusing specifically on how to win without fighting.

What 'Customer-First' Looks Like

There are a lot of things in business named for the customer: “customer experience,” “customer journey,” “customer-centric,” “customer relationship management” (CRM), “voice of the customer” ... and probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

Cultivating High Email Engagement [Video]

How can you keep engagement rates high with your email marketing? Diana Primeau, Director of Member Services at CNET, sat down to discuss that and more with MarketingSherpa reporter Erin Hogg.

Can Mindfulness Save Marketing?

In a time when marketers are being pushed to consider more data, market through more channels, answer harder questions and generally DO more in every aspect of their jobs, it's worth asking: Is the chaos killing your marketing? Lisa Nirell, author of the book "The Mindful Marketer," believes it is.

Direct Mail: Marketing's First Killer App

Target marketing has always been about technology. Direct mail itself was a technological advance. So was the customer list and, in its own way, the offer. Each of these things became a piece of the marketing toolkit. The hammers, wrenches, chisels and files that built profits. Today, we have some power tools in the shed, too, but most of them represent new ways to implement the fundamentals.