Stephen H. Yu

Stephen H. Yu

Stephen H. Yu is a world-class database marketer and practice head of advanced analytics and insights for eClerx. Stephen has a proven track record in comprehensive strategic planning and tactical execution, effectively bridging the gap between the marketing and technology world with a balanced view obtained from more than 30 years of experience in best practices of database marketing. Prior to eClerx, he served as VP, Data Strategy & Analytics at Infogroup, and previously he was the founding CTO of I-Behavior Inc. “As a long-time data player with plenty of battle experiences, I would like to share my thoughts and knowledge that I obtained from being a bridge person between the marketing world and the technology world. In the end, data and analytics are just tools for decision-makers; let’s think about what we should be (or shouldn’t be) doing with them first. And the tools must be wielded properly to meet the goals, so let me share some useful tricks in database design, data refinement process and analytics.” Reach him at

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