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Fintech Firms Still See a Future for Fiduciary Compliance Tools

Active Allocator, which is a portfolio construction platform, is just one of dozens of fintech firms that began promoting their tools to advisers last summer, aiming to capitalize on compliance requirements the rule would demand. Jones and fellow fintech heads defend their strategy, arguing that just because the rule may end up derailed, the need…

The Emotional Connection Opportunity in Financial Services Marketing

The financial sector has yet to seize the opportunity that digital technology allows in the field of emotional engagement. Maybe there’s something about spreadsheets; the cold hard rational approach to digits doesn't lend itself to the emotional connectedness at the heart of successful communication. The most accurate financial tools are useless at calibrating emotions. There…

Why Independent Hotels Are Thriving

The data has spoken. In 2016, sweeping uptakes in occupancy, average daily rate, and revenue per available room revealed that

Snapshot of the Ultra-Wealthy Traveler

As a market segment, the ultra-wealthy are a small but mighty group — an estimated 220,000 families around the world who together own

Tourism Supports 1 in 10 Jobs

Travel and Tourism generated 1 in 10 of the world’s jobs in 2016 as the sector grew by 3.3 percent, outpacing the global economy for