Paul Bobnak

Paul Bobnak

Paul Bobnak is the director of Who’s Mailing What!, the most complete, searchable and fully online library of direct mail and email in the world. He has read and analyzed thousands of direct mail packages (offers, copy, designs, incentives and formats) and email in more than 200 industry categories, including retail, nonprofits, insurance, telecom, B-to-B, financial services and publishing. He writes for the e-newsletter Today @ Target Marketing and has been a judge in NonProfit PRO’s Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence since 2006.

Email Powered With How-To Content

Join Who’s Mailing What’s Paul Bobnak as he looks at how three email marketing campaigns provide something useful to their customers.

H&R Block's Mail Drives Tax Prep Traffic

H&R Block focuses on selling its tax preparation expertise with this direct mail piece from 2009. To make it easy for customers to get high-level service, it included a Tax Organizer envelope in the package. It also used other tactics to drive business to its offices. To see the entire package, one of many available from Who's Mailing What!, please complete this form.

Hey Fundraisers: It’s Time to Show Your Stuff!

I love reading direct mail and email. Not just because it’s my job, but because of the insights that I get, and can pass on to others. Fundraising campaigns are particularly interesting because of how much they rely on emotion, content, and storytelling to drive action. The kinds of things some marketers in the for-profit sector should pay more attention to. Since 2006, NonProfit PRO, a sister brand of Target Marketing, has held the Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence. I’ve been honored to be a judge for that entire time, and will be again this year.