Paul Bobnak

Paul Bobnak

Paul Bobnak is the director of Who’s Mailing What!, the most complete, searchable and fully online library of direct mail and email in the world. He has read and analyzed thousands of direct mail packages (offers, copy, designs, incentives and formats) and email in more than 200 industry categories, including retail, nonprofits, insurance, telecom, B-to-B, financial services and publishing. He writes for the e-newsletter Today @ Target Marketing and has been a judge in NonProfit PRO’s Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence since 2006.

Dollars for Democracy in 2016 Election

Well, the two major parties have just finished their national conventions, but this very strange election year is far from over. For better or for worse. In 2016, direct mail is still an effective way to raise money for a political campaign and get people to the polls. Here are some thoughts about two recent direct mail efforts from the Clinton and Trump campaigns.

Throwback Thursday Direct Mail: Mini

When an iconic car brand re-launched to the public, it did so with a campaign that included this impressive direct mail package.

Makana's Mail Support Two Teasers

Makana, the manufacturer of a packaged skin cream of the same name, uses two teasers on its outer envelope. Both are supported by elements inside this direct mail effort. The entire package can be downloaded as a PDF for free by completing the form below.

5 Ways Churches Can Show Their Faith With Mail

How well does direct mail work for churches? It’s a question I’ve been asked quite a few times over the years. I never really had a great answer. Who’s Mailing What! doesn’t collect this kind of mail … but I do.

T. Rowe Price Calms Fears With Mail

T. Rowe Price appeals to parents worried about paying for college by talking about its 529 savings plans. A simple self-mailer lays the groundwork by providing just enough information for prospects to understand how to get started. The entire package can be downloaded as a PDF for free by completing the form below.