Pat McGrew

Pat McGrew
3 Important Ways Print Is Transforming Direct Mail

Since the dawn of the Web, people having been finding excuses to declare print dead. One of those has long been that it's not interactive or as flexible as digital communications. But what if your mailpiece could be just as interactive and flexible as any Web page?

The Future of Mail Is Here

There are some who say direct mail marketing is dead. Their reasoning takes many tracks and varies depending on where you sit in the marketing universe. For some, the talk track goes like this: The move into online marketing using Web banners and email has been swift and widely accepted by the brands and consumers; we no longer need to go through the pain of developing creative and tolerating the costs associated with printing and mailing direct mail marketing.

Finding Lift in Your Data

Every direct mail campaign—whether it's a solicitation letter seeking new customers, offers for existing customers or a catalog full of products—should be managed for maximum response.