Marc Poirier

Marc Poirier
Online Marketing's Soft Sell: The 2-Stage Conversion

The two-stage conversion is becoming more and more popular with marketers, and for good reason. By employing a two-stage conversion model, it is possible to obtain a large volume of pre-qualified customers who can be reached on a regular basis with a low-engagement conversion at both levels of the operation. It's a great strategy for reaching a high volume of customer and engage them. There are a few things to remember when employing this strategy in order to achieve success with this model

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Display Ad Performance and Drive Conversions

Display ads have taken off in recent years, after they had fallen out of favor for quite a while due to inefficiencies in reaching marketers' target markets. The whole display advertising game has changed dramatically, and channels like the Google Display Network (GDN) are raking in profits for those who are able to find and convert their target audiences. There are at least five critical areas that need to be closely monitored and given daily care and attention to develop and maintain a successful GDN strategy.

4 Steps to Making Facebook Ads Work–at Last!

Those crazy Facebook ads. At a recent session at the Acquisio User Summit on Facebook ads, 25 people raised their hands to indicate that they had used Facebook for advertising, while only four raised their hands to indicate that they had achieved any success with them. One of the biggest reasons is the low clickthrough rate (CTR) inherent on a site in which people are otherwise engaged. Getting someone to not just see, but actually click on an ad on Facebook is like the Mount Everest of digital advertising; many people have aspired to reach the top, but few have managed to see the world from the top of this lofty peak.