Geoff Wolf

Geoff Wolf

Geoff Wolf is EVP of client strategy at the Mission, Kan.-based direct marketing agency J. Schmid & Associates.

New Customers ... Now What?

The role of data within customer acquisition involves capturing and maintaining a record of the person or business that made a purchase. The basic information includes 1) who made the purchase, 2) when that purchase occurred, 3) what media channel the order was placed through and 4) the value of the purchase. Beyond the basics, there is a wealth of intelligence that can add value to customer acquisition programs. Above all, this record needs to be easily accessible for analysis in a query environment.

4 Key Elements Needed to Understand How Data Metrics Create Value

For many marketers reading this column, data is fun! We love the challenge of figuring out how to find and use data to solve problems and drive all kinds of marketing initiatives. However, we also operate in a business environment and have to ultimately answer the question of value. How do we create true value using our expertise and experience?