Chet Dalzell

Chet Dalzell

Marketing Sustainably: A blog posting questions, opportunities, concerns and observations on sustainability in marketing.

Chet Dalzell has 25 years of public relations management and expertise in service to leading brands in consumer, donor, patient and business-to-business markets, and in the field of integrated direct marketing. He serves on the Direct Marketing Association International ECHO Awards Board of Governors, as an adviser to the Direct Marketing Club of New York and Marketing Idea eXchange, and is senior director, communications and industry relations, with the Digital Advertising Alliance. Chet loves UConn Basketball (men’s and women’s) and Nebraska Football (that’s just men, at this point), too!


Amid 'Data Marketers' in L.A.

Will I be counting the stars on the Hollywood Boulevard or all the data geeks inside the Los Angeles Convention Center this week?

Report: Mobile Apps May Be Peaking

A report had me wondering if we had hit “peak-app” — just how many apps can users crowd onto their smartphones and tablets?

Defined by a Screen

Millward Brown surveyed over 13,500 16-to 45-year-old multiscreen users and found that half of all video viewing happens on TV sets.

A Human Writes This Blog … For Now

“Our machines should be nothing more than tools for extending the powers of the human beings who use them,” Thomas Watson Jr.