‘You want better results … make a better offer!’ —Axel Andersson

The challenge for any marketer is always to find a way to lift response. You can test different design elements, list selections or you can improve your offer.
Here’s a great example from Danbury Mint not only trying a whole new creative approach, but also making a superior offer.

The product: “Midnight Spell” a black pearl necklace accented with crystals priced at four payments of $36.70 each and includes a 90-day guarantee.

Package No. 1: The first direct mail piece that came into Who’s Mailing What! was back in November of 2009. The small grey outer envelope contained a short letter and accordion-fold brochure.

Package No. 2: Received in December of 2011, the envelope was now a 6″x9″ in a rich black envelope featuring teaser copy not only on the front, but on the back with a promise of a “Free Gift Offer (see inside).” The brochure was luxurious with a coated stock and great photography. What’s more, the copy was much more descriptive with delicious prose that made this necklace go from the ho-hum to the must-have!

The game-changer: Besides the improved creative, Danbury Mint is now including a matching pair of pearl earrings (a $60 value) absolutely free.

The result: It was great to see the Midnight Spell 6″x9″ package again in 2013—making it the direct mail control.

Peggy Hatch is the president and publishing director of Direct Marketing IQ and Who’s Mailing What! Reach her at phatch@napco.com.

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  • Carolyn Goodman

    Should we assume Danbury back-tested that great offer in the less expensive package too?