Which Political Party Takes the Marketing Cake? – LinkedIn Discussion of the Week

Maybe you’re like 4-year-old Abby Evans, and you’re so tired of hearing about “Bronco Obama and Mitt Romney” that the thought of hearing more makes you burst into tears. Or maybe you can’t get enough of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and the other candidates. Well, either way, Colleen T. Reese—a LinkedIn Integrated Marketing Mix group member—has a poll for you: “The Direct Marketing Election—Which political party takes the marketing cake?
She asks members to pick among five choices: Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Green Party and Other. (Perhaps “Other” means write-ins, like Mr. Snuffleupagus of the Muppet party?)

But all joking aside, elections are a serious business. And, anymore, they take on the look and feel of business tactics—or even pioneer them. That’s the angle on this month’s Target Marketing magazine cover story, “The Direct Marketing Election,” which was the basis for Reese’s poll.

What’s your vote?

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  • David Himes

    With the extensive micro-targeting going on, no really knows the answer, unless you’re deep inside the campaigns. And since no one is deep inside both campaigns, no one can yet make an independent assessment of which campaign is the most effective.

    It will make a great topic for study after the campaign. However, after spending 40 years in direct marketing and 15 years in political direct marketing … I can tell you one thing: While the techniques may be the same, the context is very different and that makes them different. It’s one thing to sell an idea and another to sell a shirt.