What Do You Think of QR Codes?

What do you think of QR Codes? It would seems that a well-planned QR Code campaign that offers compelling content and is targeted to the right demographic could be the Holy Grail of integrated marketing, marrying print media with instant online action. That being said, we can all pretty much agree that the novelty of QR Codes has worn off. Your audience is not going to scan a code simply because it’s there.

Are there instances where you’re better off not using QR Codes? We’re trying to get to the bottom of them with this weekly discussion over in the Integrated Marketing Mix LinkedIn group, where the editors of Target Marketing and DMIQ discuss multichannel marketing with readers and other contacts. Bring your best blog posts, creative samples and ideas for QR Codes to share with the group here, and maybe we’ll all get some answers: http://lnkd.in/_W6CwM.

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  • Chaunce Stanton

    "QR Code" is not synonymous with "campaign tactic."

    The discussion around QR codes is driven primarily from marketing and in posts like this, which certainly is one application of QR codes. However, some people are put off by QR codes exactly because they are often a guaranteed sales pitch.

    I would suggest that, as marketers, we stop assuming that the only use for QR codes is for campaigns.There other more functional applications, as well, that often are lost in the shuffle.

  • Listdiva

    Just this past week, while a group of direct marketers were networking over lunch (yes people still do this) we laughed over a QR code on the ketchup bottle at the table. Granted we’re "experienced" enough to remember magtapes but really! What was the company thinking? That we’d be so enthralled to have their product on our fries we desperately needed more promotion from them?