Video: Peggy Hatch Starts Target Marketing’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I can imagine my mother asking, “Are they really your friends if they dump a bucket of ice water on your head?” Possibly not. But if they get you to do it yourself in the name of charity, they just may be true friends.
On Tuesday afternoon, Target Marketing Publisher Drew James removed his spectacles and donned a T-shirt and shorts in preparation for having a freshly prepared, ice-filled and sloshing bucket of freezing water poured over his head for the benefit of the ALS Association. If that sounds familiar, it’s because the association reports in a news release, titled “Ice Bucket Challenge Still Going Strong,” that as of Wednesday, many existing and 637,527 new donors had given $31.5 million to the charity between July 29 and Aug. 20—compared with $1.9 in donations during the same period in 2013.

The #IceBucketChallenge—as it’s known on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media networks—is sweeping the nation in a way that’s causing even celebrities to come up with unique methods of implementing the challenge. From June 1 to Aug. 17, more than 28 million Facebook users participated in the conversation about the challenge, 2.4 million videos were posted and nearly every country in the world is participating.

The contraption Bill Gates built to douse himself, for instance, pales in comparison with the inventiveness of the two willing to be sloshed with Zamboni water and ice.

However, James and the NAPCOites did do something a bit different.

Lining up with a dozen colleagues behind the magazine’s headquarters in Philadelphia, a still-dry James accepted the challenge from sister magazine at North American Publishing Co., FundRaising Success.

“Caroline [Farley, FS associate publisher], I accept your challenge on behalf of Target Marketing, and nominate Craig Handley and the team at ListenUpEspanol,” James says into the camera.

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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  • Ruth Stevens

    Great teamwork, everyone! My cousin Carl died of ALS about 15 years ago, so I have a personal thank you to pass to you. But here’s my question: HOW DID PEGGY GET TO AVOID THE WATER DUMP HERSELF? Hmmmm…..

  • Meg Nugent Hodges

    Many years ago I spent a summer in the Philly area for an internship, living in a rented upstairs bedroom with no a/c. Philly in August? Ice water would have been welcome, charity or not.

    Great group excecution, Target team!