Creating Our First Batch of Case Studies

If there’s one subject that all direct mailers agree on, it’s that data needs to be better leveraged in the near future for their campaigns to succeed. In compiling our report “Variable Data Printing: 6 Case Studies,” we took pains to find campaigns that used data in inventive and ultimately successful ways.

Of course, “pains” is quite literal, as many companies are unwilling to disclose the details about their campaign: their objectives, creative, obstacles and results. But we ended up with 6 very solid case studies that are state-of-the-practice VDP, and included the following takeaways:

-Variable data mailings that feature relevant images can exceed normal direct mail response rates by double digits.
-In a sector like education, where prospects are willing to provide marketers with data, the possibilities of variable data promotions are limitless.
-PURLs can generate significantly higher response rates than regular email or direct mail campaigns.
-Companies with retailers and multiple locations can use a one-stop-shop marketing platform to control brand messaging.
-With real time campaign reporting and variable printing, you can check the results of a campaign while it’s in progress and update or tweak the creative, offer or lists.

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