Use Facebook to Strengthen Business Relationships

Most professionals think of Facebook as a place to look at photos of their high school friends, watch funny videos of grandkids, or get lost in a sea of cat memes and news articles. These people might know how to navigate between pages and their news feeds, but they’re overlooking the power of Facebook for business.
One of the most important and valued benefits of using Facebook is found in its ability to help strengthen relationships. All it takes is an understanding of the role Facebook plays in staying connected. And while business pages may be struggling to generate views without paying Facebook to promote their posts, for personal relationship building, Facebook is absolutely free of charge.

Here are a few sure-fire ways to leverage Facebook for relationship development. These tactics are easy enough for you to start implementing them immediately. The goal is to garner the insights you need to drive results and take your relationships to the next level.

Here’s how you can use Facebook to strengthen and nurture business relationships:

1. Build an Authentic Personal Brand Through Content
On Facebook, you’re already likely to share stories around what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. Opening your personal Facebook page up to your professional contacts gives you an opportunity to connect with people in a more personal way. You can let your colleagues, clients and prospects see your passions and keep them in the loop on what events you’ve attended lately.

What’s also great about Facebook is that it offers you a distribution network. It’s easy to reach out to a contact over email and share a relevant link, but it’s an overused approach. Instead of reaching out via email, share an article that your target audience would find interesting as a status update. Show your connections what you’re reading and what you’re thinking and establish a stronger personal brand.

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