Twitter Becomes Ultimate Impulse Marketplace via Amazon

Now Tweet This!

Some would say the modern world has gotten more convenient, with everything from the works of Plato to khakis available with a few swipes of the smartphone. Others would call it impulsive (perhaps even compulsive?). But what if visiting the online portals for those things was just too time consuming?

Now, people can shop on Amazon right out of Twitter. If 140 characters, and maybe a picture, is enough to convince them to buy, all they have to do is reply with #AmazonCart and it’ll be added to their Amazon carts. Here it is in action.

As convenient as any other online ordering is, it seems like one-button from a tweet to a shopping cart (a persistent shopping cart on a frequently visited site) offers a level of impulse buy most direct marketing just doesn’t. You don’t have to fill out a card, call an 800 number, fill out a Web order form … just reply with #AmazonCart and click “checkout” next time you’re in Amazon.

On the other hand, with shopping cart abandonment rates what they are, is this just begging for more unclosed deals?

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