Nuts & Bolts: Top 10 Most Popular Symbols in Subject Lines

The following is research from Direct Marketing IQ’s recently republished report, “Email Marketing 2014” with email trends data supplied from Who’s Mailing What!

At surface glance, symbols don’t appear to be that big of a deal. But the biggest trend in email marketing over the last year was the increased use of symbols in the subject line, including inventive “special symbols,” such as ★ ♥ ✈.

Marketers are desperate to get attention in the inbox, but sometimes words like “FREE SHIPPING” and “50% OFF” are not enough. Instead, the exclamation (!) is always a welcome addition, and you’ll see that it hogs the limelight and shows up in nearly 34 percent of all email subject lines. The “$” sign appears in nearly 11 percent of subject lines, which demonstrates how much price drives the bargain.

The following are the top 10 symbols used in subject lines:

1. !


3. :

4. $

5. &

6. +

7. ?

8. ;

9. /

10. #

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