Top 10 Direct and Digital Marketing Jobs In Demand for 2013

In Winterberry Group’s “Global Outlook 2013” report, released in October, digital was forecast to capture almost all new marketing spend in 2013. That’s good news for those with digital marketing know-how, especially in fast growing areas like mobile, social media, display advertising and email, so it’s no surprise that these specialties have been moving up the charts. As I look into my crystal ball, and analyse the results of the latest Bernhart Associates Hiring Survey, here’s my list of the top 10 direct and digital marketing positions that I think will be in greatest need in 2013:

10. Merchandising
Back in the old days when we talked about merchandising, we talked about selling stuff in a catalog. Many of those “traditional” merchants have evolved into the merchant superheroes of the Internet. Merchandising has ranked both high and low in my own quarterly hiring surveys over the years, but high enough to claim the entry level spot on this year’s top 10.

9. Technical
If wasn’t for the techies, we’d all be staring at empty screens. Digital and direct marketers traditionally have had something of a love-hate relationship with their IT colleagues, but at the end of the day, they’re both there to work together to help solve business problems. Although IT positions are not, technically, part of the marketing department, they get frequent mention in my hiring surveys, enough of a mention to put them at No. 9.

8. Project Management
In the digital world, the one thing you can always expect is the unexpected. Digital marketing campaigns can have a dizzying number of moving parts. Timelines, budgets, project scope, creative design, pretty much anything can change on a dime. Someone needs to make sure that all of the pieces of this complex digital jigsaw puzzle stay together and that the project stays on track—kind of like juggling three bowling pins while directing traffic. No wonder the best project managers in digital and direct are all employed or working successfully as freelancers.

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