Timely Direct Mail Often Wins the Prospect

Sometimes marketers forget they don’t need all the bells and whistles to make their mail pieces win with prospects. It’s often the simple, yet classic mailing that’s most effective.

For instance, consider the 4-color self-mailer from New Jersey-based utility company PSE&G, promoting its WorryFree Appliance Protection Plans. What’s so special about this self-mailer? PSE&G has combined compelling copy with a straightforward design to get prospects to open this mail. Nothing fancy, showing off a whiz-bang creative team. Instead, the focus is on the benefits of the utility’s protection plan.

First, we have the text on the front, reading: “In March, you don’t know if winter is coming or going.” And yes, the 2014 winter was rough, especially in the Mid-Atlantic, so PSE&G’s message is on point, and the art complements the message.

When you open the self-mailer, PSE&G employs the classic copy driver of Fear, with the piece’s opening lines being “You never know what to expect in March. You could get a wave of early summer heart or a final blast of snowy excitement—all in the same week.”

This copy helps set up the utility company’s WorryFree Appliance Protection Plans, and then follows through into a list of benefits, and concludes with three different kinds of calls to action: the enrollment form, a URL for the WorryFree landing page, and a phone number to call.

Could PSE&G have made it any easier to understand about its WorryFree Progam and then take action? I don’t think so. From copy to design to multiple calls to action, this New Jersey utility gets it right with this piece in the mailbox.

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Melissa Ward is the senior content editor at Direct Marketing IQ and managing editor of Target Marketing. Reach her at mward@napco.com.

Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.
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  • Shelley Sweeney

    Great video, Melissa! The direct mail piece from PSE&G is a fantastic example of why print marketing still works. I believe some of the most successful pieces of direct mail are the ones that combine overall simplicity with a straightforward design. This self-mailer does just that – its message is easy to follow and understand and the design elements hit just the right note. A well-designed and creative piece can drive a connection between a brand and a consumer, increasing their loyalty and in this case providing potential customers with the information they need to learn more about the company’s protection plans. It’s great to see organizations embracing traditional marketing and it’s clear that print has come a long way in this arena. – Shelley Sweeney, VP/GM Service Bureau/Direct Mail Sectors, Xerox